The pretty face of Communism: Soviet style Pin Up art By Russian Illustrator Valery Barykin

April 29, 2016

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Нурутдинов, Плужников, Кабаева – Эх, дороги | Голос Дети 3 2016 Поединки

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Die Anstalt – Best of 2015 – Jahresrückblick mit Max Uthoff und Claus von Wagner – Bananenrepublik

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Израиль: Средиземное море 2015. Международный Фестиваль конкурс, Открытие

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Семён Слепаков: О сексе и патриотизме!

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Эмиль Горовец – Всё повторится, Эти глаза напротив; Вадим Мулерман, Вероника Круглова Одна минута


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Ksenia Parchatskaya


Charles Aznavour in interview with Pozner, Russian video

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Best viewed Multik, beats all charts in Italy! Маша и Медведь.


Эмир кустурица россия 24 интервью

Кустурица, Эмир Эми́р Кусту́рица (серб. Емир Кустурица, 24 ноября 1954, Сараево, ФНРЮ) — югославский и сербский кинорежиссёр, отмеченный наградами крупнейших кинофестивалей Европы, включая две «Золотые пальмовые ...


Сергей Волчков – “Синяя вечность” – Голос – Полуфинал – Сезон 2

Сергей Волчков “Я люблю тебя, жизнь” – Голос – Нокауты – Сезон 2


Концерт Голос в Сочи 01.03.215

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Катрина Паула Диринга “Снег” шоу Голос Дети 2 (2 выпуск 20.02.2015)

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Эмиль Горовец Всё повторится

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Алиса Игнатьева


Memorial Song to Israeli Soldiers – Russian Video


Gorky Park-Moscow Calling – Москва на связи! Rock music that rocks!

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This is really worth watching!


Israeli Technology “Eyball” At Its Best, Russian, English Video


6103 S Kalispell 22

Ural hits Rocky Mountains

2014-09-06 08.16.08

Mr.Reason At National URAL Rally, USA

Семён Слепаков

Best of Семён Слепаков, Русский


The Failure of General Relativity. Stephen J. Crothers on Non-existence of Black Holes.

If the scientists have to invent 96% of the Universe’s mass to explain what we see with the standard Cosmological theory, may be it’s time ...


Michio Kaku: The Universe in a Nutshell – Video


Sex in the Soviet Union: Myths and mores

            September 30, 2013 Anna Ayvazyan, Bg.ru The writer Denis Dragunsky reminisces about how Soviet citizens kept their bodies free ...


New theory emerging: The Sun’s energy comes not from fusion reaction! Must watch!


Dina Garipova sings – “Love and Parting”, “Любовь и Разлука”

Performed by Dina Garipova   Love and Parting Music by Isaac Schwartz Lyrics by Bulat Okudzhava Performed by Dina Garipova Your wedding gown is not ...


A step towards showing respect to the rest of the world: Deal reached to send NHL players to 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

 All Hockey friends are looking forward to the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, where finally the strongest players on the planet will meet to represent ...


Israeli sports woman wins gold medal, and sings the state anthum her self.

Israeli Moran Samuel wins the gold medal and once she realizes that there are no Israeli anthem on records, she just performs the anthem her ...

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Eurovision, Israel, Shiri Maimon, 2005


Dignity, Feminism, Men, Sex …. Humans. In prude America blood is more beautiful than naked skin … when values are misguided it’s a crime to show a bare womans brest in public.

Two men have taken on a leather sofa seat in front of them is a young woman with blond hair. She strips off the black ...


Odessa, Christian Chorus: Listen to the melody!

Kritik-an-Schimpansenshow dpa



Naked sliding 1

Naked sledding in Germany

A naked snow-sledding competition has run off in the town of Altenberg, Germany, where twelve women and thirteen men vied for a 1,000-euro prize. The ...


Movie scene which makes you better understand the Russian soul, Russian culture, Russian desires, Russian dreams, if they weren’t westernized yet.

A photograph of himself as Stierlitz on Vyacheslav Tikhonov‘s grave. “Seventeen Moments of Spring”. This movie series and the music written to it is considered to ...


Best European Artist in World Music – Mariza

Music is the only art which on regular base can get us goose skin – that’s because of the evolution, that’s because it was the ...


Video clip, popular Russian Music. “Slivki”, Kuda Uhodit Detstvo? – Where did our childhood go?

Pretty often in Russian pop music bands are better they deserve to be. In a landscape peppered with “producers’ projects” and line-ups that change almost ...


What a shame! Let’s boycott Olympia if wrestling to be dropped – pure commerce wins against tradition and common sense.

Wrestling Dropped From Olympics (via NewsLook) The International Olympic Committee has decided to remove wrestling, one of the oldest Olympic sports, from the 2020 games. ...


Dimitry Hvorostovsky in San Francisco – WWII songs – Heritage of the Human Kind.

Lyrics, Russian Russian Songs from the War Years Soldiers Are Coming (K. Molchanov ­ M. L’vovsky) Dark is the Night (N. Bogoslovsky ­ V. Agatov) ...


Russian Jewish Calendar presented by the movement Шахар – Shakhar – שחר‎‎. It’s active in revived Jewish live in Moscow, Russia, which was once the center of Jewish universe at the begin of 20th century.

A sexy calendar, enjoy!