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The Human Dignity is untouchable. This is the lesson from Auschwitz. The German constitution starts with this sentence and it should be introduced to every constitution, the U.S. included.

Health of citizens must not be subordinated to greed and profits.

The Family as an institution must be protected and supported.

History must not be falsified. History shell be taught truthfully, discussed and analyzed in order to draw the right conclusions for the better future in disregard to ideologies. Mistakes in the past will help us to avoid them in the future, but we have to know them!

Economy must be enlightened correctly so the nation can rely on it in the future. What is the Breton Woods Agreement? What is the Nixon Shock? How big is the role of Petrodollars in U.S. economy? What is Petrodollar? How would we live without it? Are we instigating wars and conflicts around the world to maintain the U.S. Dollar as a main reserve currency? Are we being informed about those policies and did we agree to them? Is governmental political correctness another word for don’t ask me so I don’t have to lie?

Democracy is when the nation’s institutions act always for the benefit of the whole nation. It includes also corporations and businesses, but proper balance must be maintained. If big money dictates the political agenda too much, the nation as a whole becomes weaker.  Two political parties are not enough in terms of variety of choices. Surely not for 320 million citizens. The System is much stronger than the single citizen. We humans shell always control the system, not vise versa.

War and Peace. Balance of power is very important. Internationally, as well as nationally. If a dictatorship is rising from within a country, it’s important that it meets a strong opponent on international stage. History taught us: No country is immune against dictatorship, without exception!

After introduction of nuclear weapons at the end of WWII by USA the humanity entered a new age of the absolute weapon – The Nuclear Age.

History knows, those were the nations of the Soviet Union, who were forced upon a sacrifice more severe than on all allies together.

They were the main force which had defeated Hitler. Eighty percent of all combined armored assault in WWII was absorbed by Soviet Union.

Why the world should be against a unipolar world order, as the U.S. is dreaming of?

Is there any guaranty, that a country which considers to be a democracy today won’t become a dictatorship tomorrow?

If Hitler had acquired the nuclear weapon first, who could have stopped him?

Was USA a democracy in 1900?

Was it the U.S. who introduced racial laws based on Eugenics in 1910-30th, establishing in more than 20 US-States concentration camps, forced sterilization, forced divorce, …

Did Hitler get his inspiration from U.S. Eugenics societies, who proposed to diminish the unworthy races by gas?

Did Henry Ford promoted antisemitic propaganda on an gigantic scale?

Did IBM materially supported Hitler in organizing the Holocaust?

Was in every Concentration Camp an IBM office?

Are the tattoos on arms of the concentration camps prisoners IBM numbers?

Were many other U.S. organizations supporting Nazi Germany, Carnegie Foundation, GM, Rockefeller Foundation, to name just few.

Did U.S. government and it’s embassies provide postal services to U.S. companies in Germany during WW2 who actively supported Hitler?

The answers to those questions you can find in the book of Edwin Black, Nazi Nexus.





Because of the history, and even if it’s being suppressed by US authorities and media, because it may hurt some feelings of millions Americans to learn about the deeds of some of it’s grandfathers and of some prominent political figures, still, it did happen, and because of it, the humane civilization as a whole would be at risk, if only one country would gain absolute domination of the world, since there is no guaranty for the future.

A world wide translated video, a must watch!


edwin Black

We as a human race know our self too well.

Because each generation must fight for it’s freedoms ever and ever again.

Because freedoms are not inherited to the next generation automatically.

Holocaust was perpetrated by Nazi Germany, but it had supporters among almost all Western countries, who considered them to be the most developed nations.

But furthermore, as we can conclude today, by introducing its nuclear capabilities in 1949 the Soviet Union has prevented a total hegemony of the U.S. after WWII.

As research reveals the US had plans to attack Soviet Union and China with nuclear weapons, expecting hereby over 600 millions to be killed.

The surprisingly fast introduction of nuclear weapons by Soviet Union in 1949 prevented a nuclear catastrophe.

Untold History of the US, Oliver Stone

oliver stone

untold history book

Since then we had the cold war, and both super powers provided for a balance in the world.

After the fall of USSR the West did every thing possible to weaken Russia, and is still trying to derail the come back of new democratic Russia, but president Putin was the one, who provided the world with a balancing factor to the benefit of all the human kind.

Even more, with it’s reckless deeds after the unilateral world order was established the Western countries and it’s NATO have proved all the world that civilization, ethics and human behavior needs a military back up, otherwise even supposedly the most “democratic” countries instigate wars to get an advantage, disregarding hereby the international law and moral rules.

Therefore, the existence of at least two nuclear super powers nowadays, USA and Russia, is a guarantee for the civilized world that none of them and also no one else will be able to install a “Fourth Reich”.

Our goal is to inform, but if many people feel similar, it may develop to a political venue – this is how democracy works.

By Mr.Reason, [email protected]

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