It looks good for Israel, isn’t it? Without further consultation with friend and foe Trump is moving embassies towards Jerusalem, now the Golan Hights. How nice would it be if one could make such important steps just by declaration.

I would add to it the voluntary expatriation of Gaza’s population to Europe, or else, supported by UN funds. After all, an independent Palestine is as impossible along Israel as the return of Golan Hights.

Both due to the same reason, namely both areas, the Golan Hights, as well as Samaria and Judea (so called West Bank) are suited above Israel’s main land and would give an aggressor the option to shoot down the hill what ever ammunition it has, mortars, rockets, etc.

The question is, what will follow Donald Trump’s activism, once the next “Obama like Friend of Israel” will be elected to the office? 

Or is it yet again an offer one can not reject?

Interestingly, in the same token when he gifts Israel the recognition of a contested piece of land of a third country, USA is demanding from Israel to limit it’s cooperation with China!

Thank you America, for wanting to prolong it’s failing hegemony at the cost of it’s partners.

I hope Israel knows what is in it’s strategic interests. Good relations to China is as important, as to Russia, EU, and of course to USA too, but not only to USA.