Merkel, the German Chancellor, head of government, is directly responsible for the Russo-phobia and Antisemitism in Europe!

The recent attack of an Jewish young men in Berlin for him being Jewish, and the recent attack in Polen on Belorussian tourists by polish nationalists for them talking Russian is a direct consequence of the Anglosaxonian interference in Middle East, and the Russo-phobic incitement.

USA, as the main driver for the global domination is going over dead bodies for its egoistic goals.

The invasions and destruction of several countries in Middle East caused millions to loose their lives, health, housings. It resulted to an unprecedented refugee current to Europe with all its consequences, among others the import of tremendous number of highly antisemitic individuals, who were over years exposed to unfiltered incitement against Israel and the Jewish nation.

Merkel, as a leader of the strongest European country has tolerated and assisted the invasions and war by various means.

She must have had know that the wave of the refugees would swamp away theĀ  Jewdeo-Christian values Europe was standing for.

Same is true for the unprecedented NATO expansion, destabilization of Ukraine and the Russo-phobic incitement the Anglosaxonian elite has unveiled in an attempt to limit Russia in its natural development after fall of USSR.

As a German Chancellor, who has to be aware of the historic burden and responsibility Germany has to bear for ever for the Holocaust of Jewish and Russian population, it is a scandal, that she has dared to not oppose the above mentioned actions of its allies, USA, UK and other NATO members.

She is responsible for the catastrophic development in Europe.

There are no words to describe the damage she did to her and all European nations.