Putin is comitted to law and order, internationally, as well as natioanally. He is a great patriot of his country. He’s goal was to stabilize Russia, which he has accomplished brilliantly. Russia is on the right tracks now. The next step is to demonstrate that the long time he was in office was justified due to the extraordinary situation after collapse of USSR. Now that the situation is stabilized, the gouvernmental institutions are rebuilt, socio-economical development reignited – and that despite the illegal sanctions of the West, security and arm forces are strong enough to whithstand the pressure from outside, the “emergency” rule is not needed any more. Similar to the buncrupt city of Detroit, where the elected organs were muted, and replaced by an officer in charge to get the city to run again, so Russia needed the same therapy, as well. Therefore, unless the Russian population will demand a prolongation of his rein due to an unforeseen situation, Putin has enough. If however, the West is hoping to see a much different political orientation of a new leader, it may be hoping too much. Its not about Putin, its about Russia’s national interests. Those are independent of Putin, or any other person set since over thousand years ago. Russia will not trade its vital interests for an iPhone. Russia will always be an irritation for the West, which is afraid of it’s potential and has always tried to limit its development, usualy using lies and deception, some time military force, like in the crimerian conflict hundert years ago, and the proxy wars 1917, and 1941. Hoewever, the military option against Russia is once and for all gone now – the Trump’s holow Syrian Twitter Rocket attack is just yet the first proof that the NATO has lost it’s teeth against Russia, as announced in Putins historical address to the nation in March 1, 2018. This will rather sooner then later lead to the desintegration of the NATO. America can’t pay for the overblown military budget any more, the NATO members realize, that besides empty guestures NATO can’t protect them against Russia, whose policy is not expansive, any way. They will reorient slowly by slowly to the economically ever more important far East. America’s might financed by debt is coming to an end, and will be replaced by a long lasting restructurization process to more manufacturing. The political elite, used to roll the dices after the collapse of USSR, won’t have the capability to set properly the very much needed reformial developments, due to it’s limited true patriotic stance. It will rather look to prolong the agony of the empire, and will hereby waste the scares ressources and time. All this will happen, due to the highly undemocratic constellation of the political system of the US. The ojective, diverse media, one of the most important institutions in a functioning democracy, has become to a biased tool of two corrupt parties, which does not fulfil it’s most important task any more – to inform its population about the real situation of affairs. Instead, it is misleading the public, breaching not only the constitution, but endangering national security. A very good example is the recent Syria crisis, where after a transparantly staged attack, without any justification, the country was to be attacked with murderous cruise missiles, risking to provoke a direct confrontation with a nuclear superpower, Russia. Which role did the media play? Did they report the US provocation to its fellow Americans? No! They beat the drums against Russia, reporting onesidedly about a very complicated conflict, which is the result of the deeds of US political elites. Good, that Putin has the whisdom and patience to not over react. Instead, he reminded the political idiots in Washington, that an attack on Russian soldiers dislocated legally in Syria, will trigger the destruction of the cariers of the cruise missiles – ships, air planes, submarines. And what then? Nuclear exchange? Is this a responsible political game? Does it mean, that the security of the US population – my security in Colorado as well – is depending on whisdom and patience of Putin? In my oppinion, this is political recklessness, as the world didn’t see it ever before! After all, we live in a nuclear age. Each nuclear armed submarine, Russia’s or US’S, can destroy over 200! Cities withhin 30 min! It has nothing to do with proper geopolitical strategy, which obviously needs to be. It is an alarming sign of the political and ethical degradation of an almost complete political elite of a superpower – the name of this superpower is not Russia – its the US.