Scientific studies have shown that homosexuality is not genetically predetermined. If it is true, then the society should discus whether homosexuality should be accepted on individual level, but in the same token to be most possibly contained the spread of it on national level.
If one becomes a homosexual, so be it, but the society should not encourage, or glorify it. Being a homosexual is not a crime, but if all of us will become sexualy disoriented this wouldn’t help us as a nation either.
I am wondering still about the reason why it should be important for the public to know that a particular pilot, a doctor, a singer, a painter or who ever, likes sex from behind. If in deed it is, lets publically brag and out our selfs about the prference of oral sex, vaginal sex, sadomazo, urinating in the eye, or what ever.
Is this reasonable? For me, if some one tells me that he is homosexual, I ask why should it be of importance for me to know, and possibly he wants to share with me when and how it was last time, and from which direction?
The problem of the western societies is not homosexualism. The problem is, that the value of commerce has overtaken all other values. If homosexuality is being declared to be as normal as heterosexuality, if advertising homosexuality in minors is OK, why sex with minors is not? If the society is OK with influencing it’s children in their sexual orientation in early childhood by exposing them to abnormal sexual behavior, why should this not be allowed on individual level? Where is the difference between individual child abuse and social organized and accepted child abuse? If Madonna kisses a woman on a stage, or a homosexual man kisses another male in front of small children on TV – is this child abuse or not? For me yes!