Very rare description of insight of Jewish lives, as a result of thousands years of oppression.
The conclusion of who is leading the Russophobia is completely wrong how ever.
Modern Russophobia was given birth at the beginning of 20 centuries, when the then empire UK realized, that upcoming Germany in connection with Russia would create a”big land”, which the UK fleet could not control due to the enormous land Mass. The new, declining empire USA, has the same problem. I recommend to read Conjuring Hitler, how UK and US made the third Reich….. . Jews are as different, as other nations. And US Jews are different from Russian, Israeli Jews. Again interesting to read for some one who is outsider, but the best propaganda is hidden in partial truth. Over all a highly anti-Semitic article who blame the Jewish population for the inability of the US Oligarchs to grasp that empires are never built to last for ever.

Never, Ever Listen to What American Jews Have to Say About Russia

” … upon their arrival in the US Russian Jews would paint the USSR and Russia with a broad brush loaded with dark colors: oppression, antisemitism, pogroms, plus the general backwardness, drunkenness and awfulness.

Had they resisted the urge to play the victim, their narrative might, by default, become something like this:

‘We wrecked Russia, rearranged it to our advantage, made out like bandits, pretty much bankrupted the place… and so now we are over here in the US, together with our prized possessions, elderly relatives and pets, claiming to be refugees, and are ready to do it again.’

That just doesn’t sound sufficiently refugee-like, now, does it? Add to this the fact that there is considerable money to be made in the US by lambasting Russia, and the urge to lambaste becomes irresistible.”

Overall a highly antisemitic article.