Dear Bill,
Thanks for the interesting article regarding the nuclear weapons Russia is developing.

In my opinion this development is very concerning. I am observing this development since several years.

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Russia has learned from it’s history of wars. Most of the time wars to Russia came from West, as you know. Napoleon, WWI, WWII.

Thanks God modern America never had to deal with an aggressor who’s goal it was to eliminate it’s population, it’s basic existence, indeed, as it happened in WWII in Russia.

Eighty percent of all armored combat in WWII was absorbed by the Nations of USSR, as you know.

This victory over Hitler, despite the fact that the Nazis have conquered almost whole Europe and have mobilized the entire European industry, and have received help even from American industry, as well as European men power, against USSR, has formed the modern conciseness of the majority of the almost 200 Nations of former USSR.

Russia’s defense doctrine, in opposition to that of USA’s, which calls for supremacy, says, that it’s armed forces needs to be just strong enough to discourage any aggressor to attack it, but do not have to be stronger then of USA’s, or any others country, or group of countries.

Since NATO, USA as it’s main member, despite promises not to expand beyond the borders of Warsaw defense packt, did indeed expand, and furthermore, was involved in illegal invasions in several countries in ME, Yugoslavia, has supported Georgia in it’s aggression against Russian peace keeping forces in 2008, has conducted the austing of elected president in Ukraine, is supporting the junta there now, which glorifies Bandera, Pitlura, all Nazi collaborates who were responsible for killing hundreds thousand of Jews, Polans, … since all this happens, the Russians are beefing up it’s army to prevent a NATO aggression against them self.

Obviously, your task as a so called journalist is to portrait the picture some what distorted, to generate more defense spending in US, to contribute to the never ending geopolitical game.
It’s all about money, we know.

One thing you should have in mind by servicing the special interest though: we live in nuclear age!

If US will decide an open aggression against Russia, it will be the last one the US Administration will have ever commanded.

One should not miss match the relatively soft, ill motivated US soldiers, who often don’t know what they are fighting for abroad, and a Russian armed forces member, who in defense for it’s Mother Land will be ready to give their lives for every inch.

Obviously, in today’s war technology is key.
Since this is true, take a look what the Russians have achieved in short terms since Putin’s presidency. No comment is needed. The advantage the US once had is basically gone.

May be, because You surely love your country and your people, you should mention in your future articles some of the thoughts I have brought up, to still enable the spending of additional funds for the US armed forces, but in the same token, to prevent the decision makers to believe their own lies they disaminate, and to possibly trigger yet another aggression, which will spell a catastrophy for US, and probably for all human kind.

Best regards,
Mr. Reason.
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