It would be ideal, if all Israeli neighbors, including Syria, would be stable democracies, have peace with Israel, trade and cultural exchange would flux in both direction.
Unfortunately the time is not there yet. The crude oil, the crude oil, the crude oil, …
The main world reserve currency, $USA, is backed up by the crude oil, since OPEC sells it only for the American green back.
Needless to say, it has pro and contra. For the region it is rather a disaster.
In any case, the US administration has a burden to use the “artificial” financial power, and based on it the military, and political power, responsibly.
Over the last decades the US was the main force there, as in many other places in the world.
Naturally, things which are good for the US, are not necessarily good for the regional countries it has influence in. The Middle East is an example of many.
Russia came to fight the fire, the US and its allies have ignited by instigating wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya. The orange revolutions in the Arab world, Ukraine, is also the product of US activities. Short, as long as a major player can act without being hold accountable for its deeds – hiding behind the oceans – chaos will prevail. US has to change for the better of the world.
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Why Russia must take Israel’s interests in Syria into account
Analysis: As Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan meet in Sochi to divide Syria into spheres of influence, Israel remains the leading element capable of spoiling the party. The day the Iranian-run airport in Syria is erased, all agreements will go up in the flames ignited on the Israeli-Syrian border. …,7340,L-5046414,00.html