Obviously, every one can call those news he doesn’t like Fake News. If one causes a car accident it is almost always the others fault – go and prove who is right?

But still, there is a way to distinguish wrong from right. In geopolitics it is similar. Lets look at the NATO-Russia relations.

Who withdrew one sided from the ABM treaty? USA did!

Who promised not to get closer to Russia’s border? NATO did!

And, did NATO still expand right to Russia’s borders? Yes, they did!

Who invested heavily in antagonizing Ukraine against Russia? Who supported the ousting of a elected President in Ukraine? NATO did!

Who turned a blind eye on a government made up of Ukrainian Fascistic nationalists who idolize a SS collaborator Bandera, who killed hundreds thousand Jews and Poles? NATO did!

Who turned a blind eye when the illegitimate Ukrainian junta called to ban the Russian language fro Ukraine – 30% of population speak Russian? NATO, EU did.

Who is responsible for attacking illegally Iraq in 2003 without UN mandate?  US, NATO and their vassals.

Who did destabilize Syria, Libya, Yugoslavia, Chechnya, just to name view – USA, NATO or its vassals.

Who created ISIS?  Guess!

Who is responsible for shooting down the MH17 air liner over Ukraine and who is hindering the investigation? Guess!

Now, am I sure that these answers to the questions above are 100% clear? No!

But interesting to see, whether the new Anti Fake Site, financed by EU tax payers, the search for the truth enhances, or instead, just another silly western propaganda channel becomes – if yes, why bother creating a new one, aren’t there already enough out there?

Check it out https://euvsdisinfo.eu/

By Mr.Reason