Yesterday an overwhelming majority of the congress voted to install an unprecedented  package of so called sanctions against Russia – which are actually only a one sided act of a single country, not to be mismatched with UN – sanctions, which if in place, would be based on international law.

This congressional vote exposes two fundamental problems of the US political, and judicial system, which will lead to a further deterioration of the stability in the world and in USA itself.

The first problem is the absence of any provable facts supporting the reason for this “sanctions”.

The presumable Russia’s intervention in US elections is not proven at all and looks rather like a continuation of Fake News

  • be it the wrong reasoning for the second Iraq war in 2003,
  • the wrong accusations in regards to who shot down the Malaysian airplane over Ukraine,
  • the misrepresentation about who really financed and created ISIS to destabilize Syria,
  • the wrong accusation of who really used chemical weapons in the Syrian war theater,
  • the misleading picturing of the events in Ukraine and who really stands behind the civil war,
  • the misrepresentations of the events in Libya – just to name some recent events on the international scene,

No one has ever shown any serious indication, not to mention a hard proof, for the widely spread allegations and “convictions” mentioned above.

Most of the US inhabitants are being manipulated by the couple media outlets left after the big media consolidation to believe exactly the story the main stream media and Pentagon wants them to believe in.

The actions on Russia are merely yet another fictitious political campaign to disallow Russia to develop its economy, and to gain some geopolitical points for the US economy.

Generally, competition should be OK, as long as the competition is guided by commonly accepted rules. But what if one side is disregarding the rules and is relying on its financial and military might to break the established standards?

Once again the US administration is twisting other’s competitors arms to gain advantage.

This behavior is not only unfair and undermines the very own US principles the country stood for for many centuries, but can have very disastrous consequences if the one who’s arms are being twisted happens to be not Libya, Iraq, Syria or even EU, but rather Russia. Russia has never in its 1000 years old history given in to attempts to limit its just rights  – they paid the price to be independent and free – but so did even more who bullied Russia.

Once again, the US political system is fabricating Fake Facts and acts based on them – often it hits the others – but with Russia things can get very ugly for all of us.

The second problem is the absence of any serious opposition within the crusted US political system!

Almost all of congress members, 99%!, voted to sanction Russia!

Where is the opposition in a country of 320 million people? Where are the voices of reason and moderation?

Where is the political discourse  and the political fight for the better decisions?

The two political parties have shown again and again that they are not able to provide for an open minded and honest competition for the sake of best possible decisions for its own population.

One can see that even an elected president is being cornered for not following the seemingly only one course the two parties are dictating – the voice of the population is being ignored as much, as the many voices from the international community are being muted.

The arm twisters are effective, but for how long can they hold off the needed adjustments – at home, as well as internationally?

The arm twister have still the financial and media power behind them to keep the US electorates in dark, but for how long can a broken political system survive?

See what happened to the USSR and you have the answer to this question.

By Mr.reason