Editor and Publisher, Charles Bausman of www.russia-insider.com

Terror in Jerusalem on January 9th, 2017.


Are the editors of Russia-Insider.com supporting terror, or are just simple antisemits?

Why else wouldn’t this “Real Objective News Source” not report about the horrific terror act in Israel? They did when it happened in Berlin two weeks earlier. Among others, Putin called to express his condolences too, where as Ukraine needed a full day to find words how to say sorry and connect it to other five previous terror acts.

Possibly Russia-insider.com are supports also a Palestinian state, which may be fine, but does it justify acts of terror instead of negotiations, which Abbas rejects, not to mention the Hamas, which does not even recognize Israel.

May be the Editor and Publisher Charles Bausman supports a full armed Palestinian state to be forced upon Israel without negotiations, so it can’t defend it self in the future – if so, see the first paragraph.

One may see how even if the so called alternative media does act against bias in the main stream media in some regards – reporting objectively about Israel or Jews is still a challenge for these “intellectuals”.

But don’t worry, Israel will not give in, neither to terror, nor to those who tolerate it against Jews.