Breona Knight was killed last night September 5th, 2016 in a motorcycle accident. She was only 20 years old and was taken from us way to early. Her mom is a single struggling mother that does everything to support her two beautiful girls. Please help us to raise money for Breona’s mom and sister during this tragic time.

We love you Breona.

Help spread the word!


She was a young lady with all the dreams and plans for her live which has just began.

But then, in a motorcycle accident their lives – her’s and of another young driver – gave way to metal, rubber, glass, asphalt – and to insufficient traffic regulations and controls as it can be seen every day on Colorado’s streets.

Sure enough accidents will happen also in the future, but fixing couple basic rules will surely save lives.

Here some most critical ones, to make it short:

  • Motorcycle drivers should be obligated to wear protective gears.
  • Keeping proper distance from the vehicle in front must be at least 2 seconds, better 3 – and it must be enforced!
  • Unless there is a traffic jam, passing must be allowed only on the left line, the slower traffic must stay on the right side – always! After the passing maneuver one has to return to the right side.
  • Continually white lines are not to be crossed.

These regulations are being enforce world wide, except in US – Why?

Here the statistics: