Interesting, how in many alternative media outlets articles the authors are decrying the Anglo-Sachsen policies of divide and rule, like: India- Pakistan, China – Taiwan, Russia – Ukraine, etc., but not mentioned is the Israeli conflict with it’s neighbors.

Why no one is questioning the set up of the borders in the then newly established Israel and Palestine in 1947? If UK wanted to create a stable peace there, would they have drawn the borders the way it happened? And after several wars instigated by the Arabs, Holocaust instigated by western Christians, doesn’t Israel has the right to have a peaceful coexistence in defensible borders?

Since the borders are the way they are, and the Arabs have 22 other countries, wouldn’t it be reasonable to abandon the two state solution for a yet another 23rd Arab country, and instead to integrate the so called Palestinians in surrounding Arab countries?

By the way, in Jordan 55% of the inhabitants are so called Palestinians, who speak all the same Arab language, and never wanted their own country until 1967 in the so called West-bank, when Israel beat the Arabs in defending its very existence.

Interesting, how the alternative media is rightfully criticizing the USA, but shows the same imbalance to the Israeli situation, as the US controlled media in regards to Russia. In deed, Russo-phobia is just another side of the same medal as is Antisemitism the other side.

That is why Natanyahu is close to Russia. Jews know who burned them in KZ’s, and who freed them and stopped the Holocaust.
Without the nations of USSR there would be no Jews, nor Israel today. Israel will never forget it, and will fight both sides of the hatred medal.

And by the way, many western Jews are victims to the lies the western media is dispersing, similar to the non Jewish population, who are being misinformed by the Pentagon -NATO info war machine.

If however some one is singling out just the the Jewish population and politicians – where ever they may live – out of the majority of the millions misguided world wide, it is just a simple racist, antisemitic act, call it what you like.

Now one may understand, why Israel needs secure borders, because what ever is going to be wrong on this planet, the Jews will be blamed.