The biggest German boulevard newspaper Bild (translated: Picture) is not even listing Russia in the Olympic medal count!

Bild is known for it’s Russo-phobic editorials. It has nicely taken over the tradition of spreading hate from the Nazis.

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Once in Germany it was fashionable to spread hatred against Jews – now again a nation is dehumanized and insulted – The Russians!

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Interesting, that the chief journalists are apparently blind on that eye, which should see which atrocities the western countries have caused in Middle East.

Not mentioned are the illegal wars, the prisons without proper court procedures but instead with torture procedures, not mentioned are the west supported coups – be it in Syria, Ukraine, Libya and now Turkey.


And how about the terror in Europe? First the West bombed illegally the countries, supported terror groups to oust Assad or Kaddafi, then it wonders that the incoming refugees from these regions are containing also the same terrorist the West supported in there.

To gain some questionable geopolitical advantage the west takes the freedom to change rules on the international arena as it wishes – fair play is a request only then, if it fits it’s own cheap interests – NATO expansion at the cost of Russia’s security – sure, bombing and dividing Yugoslavia illegally – even the former German Cancelor Schroeder admitted it – no problem!

But if in Ukraine after a coup which was supported by the NATO gang extreme nationalists came to power, and the threatened Russian speaking population protested and some of it by a democratic process decided to leave the Ukrainian State – Russia is to blame!

How about the German reunification? Was the East German population involved in the decision?

And wasn’t it granted only with the implied and promised condition, that NATO would not move towards Russian borders?

How about VW? since it is caught having cheated millions of consumers and State Agencies all over the world – lets boycott VW, and possibly German products too?

After all, the cheating on our environment is weighing much heavier, then the unproven misconduct of some Russian athletes.