Dave has a really brilliant hand if it comes to express critic over the world surrounding us.


Many topics he is covering I am supporting 100%. Like this one:

Amusement-Park-deaths It seems, that instead to teach and enforce the proper distance when driving – which is 2-3 seconds – the government rather trades the tens of thousand killed each year on US  streets for more business for car manufacturer, hospitals and insurances. After all, each accident brings revenues, and as long as the US’s economy is based on parasitism by printing the Global reserve currency backed up by OPEC’s crude oil sold in US Dollar only – Pentagon makes sure they follow the rules, and if not, see Iraq, Libya, … the whole Middle East is in flames to maintain the scheme – the damage caused by accidents is easily compensated by printing little more green Dollar notes.

By the way, did some one see a caricature to this topic? Hundreds thousand killed, illegal wars –  Daves Granlund, where are you!?

How about the Ukranian intervention of the NATO, which lead to a war, division of the country? Any thoughts on it, beside the blame game on Russians, who reacted very mildly!

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And see, how he is portraying the Olympia scandal – no, its not a CIA attempt to corner Russia – no one else is using doping besides Russia, right?

I just want remind Daves Granlund, that if people like him will further heat up the confrontation, which was initiated not by Russia, but by the wanna be world ruler USA elite – Russia is not Libya! At the end of this development may follow a scenario, which will make you think the Day After how helpful you were to the generation after you.