German main stream media has lost credibility, which may become very costly in long run.

Be it,,,, – and many more – all of them are betraying its own nations by misreporting the geopolitical events.

Compared to its status 20 years ago and today –  it is like day and night.

Fundamental geopolitical developments are being covered in a simplistic way, always biased towards showing the ethically degrading US foreign policies in a bright light – and on the other side, those nations, which oppose the establishment of the US hegemony, are being put down in every possible aspect.

Choose any topic and one can see the attempt to white wash the fundamental mistakes, if not criminal acts, which had lead to wars and increase in tensions all over the world conducted by the western powers and its leader USA.

Middle East is in disarray due to military interventions of the “Coalition of the Willing”, which could also describe a criminal association, which invaded several countries breaking hereby international laws.

Millions inhabitants have lost their lives, where displaced, became to refugees – Is these being explained and criticized? No!

Terror groups were created and financed to oust governments in Libya, Syria – is this being brought up? No?

Nationalists were brought to power illegally in Ukraine – where are the western journalists to enlighten the electorate?

NATO expansion towards Russia, which provokes tensions and military build up – where is the German media? Are the risks being explained? No!

I could go on an on – the result of this development is, that neither the population, nor the European politicians are recognizing, that their continent became to a play ball in a geopolitical game, which will lead to the destruction of the Europe as we know it today.