Russian Economy – Waiting for Lower Interest Rates


If interest rates would decrease, demand for goods would increase. Simple to understand. Some part of the products can be satisfied by the Russian domestic economy. In this part of the economy inflation would not originate – rather an incentive to optimize the production and to invest will be the case. But the demand for those products, which can not be produced by the Russian economy will have to be imported! That will have two effects. Either the Rubel will loose further against the western currencies, due to higher demand of US$, Euro, or the inflation will jump start due to the fact that sanctions are in place, which will make scare products more expensive, or if they are not available at all, the extra liquidity distributed will redirect the inflation to the products available. Therefore, the interest rates can rationally only be lowered gradually, means in the same rate, as the Russian domestic economy is able to implement import-substitution, or sanctions are lifted, and crude oil prices will raise and make more western currencies available. The import substitution in core areas should be the main goal of the government, but this is a long lasting, slow process. In this situation a high interest rates protects the country from inflation, but in the same token slows down the investments. What should be considered in order to improve the recovery process? Project financing, which is already being done. A narrow approach to keep up and support projects of strategic importance in various areas. A more wider approach would be a scaled interest rate for specific group of products and services: As more domestic origin a product has, as less the interest rate should be. For example, if a Lada is made of 90% of Russian made parts the interest rate to purchase it should be 5%. If a Mercedes is being produced in Germany, interest rate should be 15%, etc.

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Trump prangert nach Anschlägen Merkels Kurs an


Der Westen, allen voran die USA (Oligarchen an der Macht) haben zunaechst den Nahen Osten zerbombt, Terroristen (im NATO Jargon “Gemaessigte Oppositionelle”) unterstuetzt, ganze Laender zertsoert, dann laesst man die Fluechtlinge rein und wundert sich, dass darunter die gleichen Kraefte sind, sie zuvor Libyien, Syrien, Yemen usw. zerstoert haben. In der Ukraine sind Faschisten ploetzlich NATO’s Freunde. Die jenigen, die Russlands Stimme hoeren werden Putinversteher beschimpft. Bruessel ist schlimm, Paris auch. Was ist mit Kiev, Donbas, Odessa? Was ist mit Damaskus? Wer hat in der Ukraine den legitimen Presidenten abgesetzt? Was machte Steinmeyer und Nuland auf der Seite der Nazi Bandera “Opposition”, die jetzt an der Macht ist und Hass zwischen zwei Brudervoelkern saeht? Wo wird es hinfuehren, wenn Russland mit der Ukraine in 5 Jahren einen Krieg fuehren? Und in Donbas, wenn Menschen gegen den Putsch sind, dann sind das boese Seperatisten? Wirklich? Und die Partisanen, die im Osten, oder Frankreich gegn Hitler kaempften waren auch Separatisten? Dann lass uns doch die Merkel mit Gewalt entfernen, ISIS als Regierung einsetzen, und wir werden sehen, ob Bayern immer noch in der BRD verbleiben wird! Der DDR Anschluss war OK? Ohne Volksanstimmung! Aber die Menschen in der Krim, die seit ueber 200 Jahren Russisch ist, wo 90% Russlen leben, und welches illegal waehrend der Sovietischem Zeit von Chruschtov an die Ukraine verschenkt wurde, die fuer den Wiederanschluss and Russland abgestimmt haben, da soll es Voelkerrechtsbruch sein? Zeigt den Artikel in der UN Charta. Wo steht es, dass Menschen einen Putsch tollerieren muessen, wenn ihre Spreache danach verboten wird. Eine parlamentarische Entscheidung, und eine Volksabstimmung sei nicht gut genug? Zweierlei Masstaebe sind zwar in der Politik moeglich, jedoch wenn Bomben Unschuldige zerreissen, dann holen die Naturgesetze die zynische Arroganz der moechtegern Oberlehrer westlicher Praegung auf den Boden der Tatsachen. Ich wuenschte mir, dass die jenigen, die die Kriege aus geopolitischen Gruenden anzetteln ihre Kinder als erste and die Fronten schicken muessten. Wo ist die Demo-Kratie? Wieso wird die Vereinheitlichung der Presse geduldet? 5 US Medianmogule bestimmen die Westliche Medienlandschaft – so stellt man fest, dass doch wahrhaftiger ist, als die CNN’s und Springers.

Breaking: Russia Tests New Hypersonic Cruise Missile


The book Conjuring Hitler: … was written by a Boston University professor.

Another example: The book: Nazinexus by NYT journalist, Edwin Black (Schwartz), child of parents who survived Auschwitz.

Google: IBM Holocaust – in each KZ there was an IBM office!

IBM contributed materially to Holocaust!

The tattooed numbers on the arms of KZ prisoners were IBM Lochkarten numbers.

IBM enabled the transport of of prisoners during the nights for DB.

US embassies provided postal services to all US corporations who helped Hitler in the same time when US soldiers were fighting the NAZIS.

Reading this book, You will learn about Eugenic society – KZ’s in over 20 US States in 1920, and many more facts more, which are being muted by US and its “allies”.

The KZ “Doctor” Mendel, who did experiments on children in KZ, was financed by USA, Carnegie foundation. A must read!

It may sound like a conspiracy, but what is if it true?

Why and who is able to suppress this information from the “Free Press”?

There are too many facts from different sources out-there, just tap them and you will start to question many things you have taken for granted for many years.

And then you will start to understand which role SU then and Russia today plays for the freedom on this planet – you will be surprised.

Therefore, continue to explore and you will be amazed.

Though these books have nothing to do with RT, the propaganda is in West, but even more, propaganda can be based on truth, but the West is lying.

Auschwitz was freed by the soviet Army, where as the western allies have bombed Germany to Schutt und Asche, but they didn’t bomb not once the rails to Auschwitz – because they have perpetrated it, together with Hitler and his Langer.…


Araya, I am also German, lived in Ukraine, Israel, USA. The best slaves are those, who think they are free. The media landscape changed dramatically in last 20 years. In USA five media companies are deciding what 95% of population consumes. 60% of western media is controlled by US companies. There is a report from EU parliament, which alarmingly describes how consolidation in media market occurred. The western population is being mislead by US oligarchs who control the news. But still, I am surprised that in USA people do know more than I have expected. See how on both sides of the political spectrum -Republicans and Democrats – the US population wants change and supports outsiders, Trump and Sanders. US empire is by far not as stable as it appears. The destiny of former Soviet Union comes to my mind. The strength of US$ is based to more than 50% on being a reserve currency. Once, after WWII, it was based on economical power, now on trade of crude oil being conducted in US$ only. Saddam Hussein was toppled because he started to trade Iraq’s crude oil in Euro. This is the main Leitmotiv of US foreign policies. Russia is the only country, which could challenge it – nothing new. UK empire did support Hitler and Communists in Russia to make an allience between Russia and Germany impossible, since the graet land could not be controlled by sea. Read this book, you have a lot of to learn. Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich Paperback – July 20, 2005. Check out my blog:


Araya, the cell phone was developed in Israel, by the way, so MS Windows is programmed mostly in Israel, and much more, like ballistic rocket defense system, active armor protection (Trophy), etc. Israel is a top cutting edge nation – especially after over 2 million immigrants from Soviet Union migrated to it in the ’90. The point is however, that America is able to attract very good scientists to its subsidized Universities (student loans are backed by US government) due to it mediator position in international trade (Petrodollar, OPEC). Still, Russia is the only country in the world besides USA, which has it all: Huge territory uncontrollable by sea, manpower, all chemical elements, energy, independent and very sophisticated weapon industry, and the will to maintain it’s sovereignty, history record of being undef-eatable in major wars. Thanks to the imperial US policies after the fall of Soviet Union the Russian population in it’s majority understood, that from west they can expect only one thing: Wars! See Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Snowden, Guantanamo, NSA, etc. Therefore, the bear woke up, and from now on USA can continue to be a world power, but only if it respects the legitimate interests of the Russian Federation. This is good not only for the world peace, but also for the freedoms inside of the US, believe it or not.


Well, remember those days when USA and UK supported Hitler in their quest to attack Soviet Union? And then the so called allies waited four long years to “help” by opening the western front once Hitler defeat was imminent. The Anglo-Sachsens were wondering that the Soviet nations were able to over come Hitler’s assault. UK empire went under though, and the newcomer USA was surprised again, that Soviet-union acquired nuclear weapons already in 1949, before the US could launch the planned nuclear attack on Moscow. Now after the downfall of the Soviet empire the US administration called it an end of the history, The New World Order – meaning one master under the sun, USA would dominate the world at it will. Dream Team Dream On! The dream is over! Over the dominance in air, over the dominance on sea. S400, SU35, Armata, Yahont, Pantsyr, and many more toys will set a red line for the wannabe arrogant masters and will teach them to use diplomacy instead to kill. I think its good.

How Russia Views Its ‘Compatriots’ in the Near Abroad


Yanukovych was a legitimate president, elected by the Ukrainian population two years before. He was neither worse nor better than any other politician. Is Obama better? May be for you yes, but for many others not! Would it give Russia the right to finance and support an illegitimate ousting of him? No! But that is what USA did. They did it not because of concern for the Ukrainian people, but in order to create yet another field of tensions around Russia. Once the legitimate president is ousted and a junta is in place it is up to the population in different regions to decide whether they accept the junta, which is fascistic by the way, supporting SS Nazi Bandera’s legacy, who is responsible for killing hundreds thousands Poles and Jews. This is the real face of USA and NATO, who spread war and destruction world wide. But this ruthless period is over now, Russia has freed Europe from Hitler, it has stopped the western imperialism, and it will show US its place as well – a strong nation among others, but not “exceptional” above other nations. Don’t believe it: Wait and see. Will be good for most Americans any way.


This article becomes irrelevant after the first sentence – …President Vladimir Putin’s annexation of Crimea,… . After the illegal ousting of the Ukrainian president the Crimean people voted in a free referendum, which was conducted by the local Crimean parliament, to join Russia. Therefore, it was not an annexation by Putin, but a overwhelming democratic decision by people who live there. The US establishment should rather discuss the illegal interventions, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia – all illegal actions conducted by the CIA without consent from it’s own population. That’s why on both sides of the political spectrum – Democrats and Republicans – people want to see an outsider. And any way – what ever the western propaganda media is telling – Russia will not give in to no one, be it Hitler, Mongols, or USA. This unimportant little nation is since 1000 years “weak”, that’s why it occupies 20% of the Earth’s land mass, and has withstand all attempts to be occupied. I can only recommend to get finally proper politicians in to the White House, free of oligarchic corporate idiots, who drove the world already twice in to WW’s.

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Der Westen kapituliert vor Putins Schachzügen


Der Westen hat illegal einen Putsch der Rechtsradikalen seit 20 Jahren vorbereitet und schliessendlich durchgefuehrt. Russland ist nun der Garant fuer Frieden und Freiheit in der Welt. Schlimm fuer alle westlichen Mitbuerger, die durch eigene Politiker verraten wurden, die auf einen Krieg zusteuern, der fuer Europa der letzte sein wird.


Ich finde Deutschland wird durch solche Artikel diskreditiert. Luegen haben kurze Beine – es wird schlimm enden, falls diese USA-hoerige NATO-Clique nicht abgewaehlt wird.

Why the West Can Never Defeat or ‘Forgive’ Russia


There is another tiny country which has a visa free agreement with Russia. Both nations have a lot in common, and both fighting for survival. Both are my. Israel and Russia.

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Russlands Kampf gegen IS erreicht neue Eskalationsstufe


Oktay, Du bist entweder ein bezahlter NATO Qwatschkopf, oder einfach unwissend. Aber sonst prima Kerl, wir alle werden Deiner Weisheit folgen..


Die Kriegslust ist der NATO vergangen, nach dem Russland etwas den Vorhang oeffnete und den Dummschwaetzern einleuchtete, dass da noch eine Macht existiert, an der such die Sunny boys die zahrten Zaehnchen ausbeissen warden.


Hier mein Ratschlag: Betrachtet die westlichen Leitmedien als Satiere, dann ist alles einfacher zu vestehen. Das sind Luegen, jedoch auf kurzen Beinen. Und uebrigens, Russland machte in der Vergangenheit alles falsch und war shon immer schwach, deswegen ist dieses Volk so unbedeutend und hat kaum Lebensraum.

From the Airliner to the Bomber – Great Analysis


Israel is a western style democracy and embraces western values, which derive from Jewish religion. Russia got rid of communism 25 years ago, in the same time the West began to get rid of western values. Israel does not forget, that it was USSR which saved it nation from Hitler, whereas the west set up Hitler in first place – check out books like NAZINEXUS, Edwin Black. Also, people from Russia, Belorussia are enjoying visa free travel to Israel. Israel built a memorial for the Soviet soldiers. The Victory Day on 9th of May became recently an official religious memorial day, similar to Purim, when the Jews left Egypt. Israel applied to become a member of the Euro-Asian association, funded by Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. USA and its allies, or better vassals, are resisting Russia as its most mightiest opponent, which is OK. But you have to know, that illegal and unethical means are being used, to which the NATO politicians did not receive a mandate from the respective citizens of various nations – that is the reason for the distorted “News” you can see on the highly consolidated media landscape in the western countries – other wise there would be a massive resistance. Israel, as a small country is not involved in this geopolitical game, unless it sees it’s very own interests at risk, which are very basic – to make sure terrorists do not kill its children on streets. Russia is playing fair for now, since the country is following certain principles and is much less opportunistic in its deeds. Not because it couldn’t do so, nor that it does know how to do it. Its because Russia has it all, where is every one else needs it – be it energy, land, water, minerals, gold, titanium, rare metal, but also an independent army, sophisticated industry good enough to withstand any embargo. That’s it, and no USA and no one else will be able to over come Russia by force. Israel as well, but this is another story.

What’s Wrong With Russia’s Diaspora?


The Russian diaspora is comprised by different ethnic groups, which have often one thing in common – they, or their parents, or their grand parents have left Russia during the USSR time due to economical hardship, antisemitism or other negative reasons. They became well integrated (but not necessary assimilated) in the various western societies. After break down of USSR Russia continued to be perceived as a poor “looser” country. However, after Putin Russia made a 180 Degree turn, similar to the turn West did after USSR demise – Russia has moved towards implementation of so called “Western Values” where as the West – under the guidance of USA – has moved towards less “Western Values”. This tendency is not easy to recognize among the noise of western media, which has very well an agenda, is not as free as most of the public assumed. In this regard Russia is fighting the same evil as Israel. But the truth is always on winning path. Russia is today the only country, which saves the world from the US hegemony, which would be a catastrophe for all, included the USA, if established in deed.

Guest Commentary: Israel “boycott, divestment and sanctions” movement comes to Denver


There is no place for a 23rd Arab state there. The borders were drawn to make it impossible for Israel to survive, UK pushed the Arabs to attack Israel when it was created. For Jews WWII didn’t end yet. A fully independent Palestinian state with a complete army would obliterate Israel. Therefore, its not the question of settlements, but in Jordan, which was actually also created by UK on Israeli soil, are more than 55% of its population so called Palestinians – shell they get free election and have their state. There is no other solution to it.

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Syrien: Russland rückt von Assad ab


Wieso duldet die Deutsche Oefentlichkeit diese Medien noch? Russland sollte alle diese Blaetter auf Geschaeftsschaedigung verklagen, denn sie behindern mit Absicht die Oekonomische Erholung Russlands.


Russland hat immer betont, dass es nicht auf Assad ankommt, sondern dass Syrien nicht duerch NATO zerbombt und zerstoert wird, aehnlich wie es mit dem Afganisthan, Irak, Libyen, Jemen, Ukraine passierte. Dabei sind es die Syrer, die entscheiden sollen, wer an der Spitze des Staates steht. Diese Meldungen, aehnlich wie in anderen “USA” hoerigen Blaettern soll nur das Gesicht wahren, im Angesicht der scheiternden Bombenpolitik der USA.

US Navy Can Be Sunk


USA is having the fleet not to keep Israel happy, but to make sure the OPEC sells it’s oil for US$ only – called petrodollar. Therefore, I agree with the notion of the article, but the wars US administrations are instigating world wide are only so their people can drive bigger cars. Do the ill informed US citizens realize what their governements are doing in their names? I am doubdful.

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Assads Armee bringt Russland in die Bredouille


Werden hier nur Beleidigungen herausfiltriert, oder auch Meinungen die der von der CIA bezahlten Redaktion unliebsam sind? Jedenfalls kann ich mit Gewissheit sagen, dass wenn ich Nachrichten aus verschiedenen Quellen vergleiche – Russland, D, USA, Israel, so stelle ich fest, dass die NATO Laender den Terror und Krieg nicht bekaempfen, sondern verursachen – Russland bekaempft die ISIS – schlecht, Israel wehrt sich gegen den Terror der vom Westen erfundenen Palestinaenser – schlecht. Aber die Angriffskriege der NATO, die Kurdenverfolgung der NATO, die Wirtschaftsblockade gegen Russland, die Daemonisierung Israels, die Installation der Faschisten in der Ukraine, die Volksverhetzung gegen Russland – wohin das wohl fuehren soll? Mal im Pentagon anrufen ….


Ich empfehle ab und zu auch die o.g. Quellen anzuschauen – sonst verkommt ihr Urteilvermoegen komplett. Hier in den USA von wo ich schreibe ist es mit den ueblichen Mainstream media das Selbe.
Fuenf Medienmogule vereinigen 90 des US Marktes, und ca. 40% internationaler Medien sind in US Haenden –
Russland hat den Kommunismus aufgegeben, der Westen die Demokratie.

A Visit to Perm


For all.
Russia and China will end the US’s hegemonic behavior based on the Petrodollar scheme, which forces all countries to acquire the US Dollar first in order to buy crude oil. This system brings to US the extraordinary wealth. The real problem behind this scheme is, that with the funds freely available US is destabilizing whole regions to its questionable advantage without being hold accountable for its deeds. Its a danger to the world peace, since sitting behind oceans US can basically make what they want, Unless Russia will remind the cowboys, that they better behave more civilized in their imperial thrive. Still, the only long term solution to this hegemonic destructive behavior – which endangers all friends or foes – is to end the exceptional role the US$ has in the international trade.


Russia and China will end the US’s hegemonic behavior based on the Petrodollar scheme, which forces all countries to acquire the US Dollar first in order to buy crude oil. This system brings to US the extraordinary wealth. The real problem behind this scheme is, that with the funds freely available US is destabilizing whole regions to its questionable advantage without being hold accountable for its deeds. Its a danger to the world peace, since sitting behind oceans US can basically make what they want, Unless Russia will remind the cowboys, that they better behave more civilized in their imperial thrive. Still, the only long term solution to this hegemonic destructive behavior – which endangers all friends or foes – is to end the exceptional role the US$ has in the international trade.

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Die Beweise für Russlands Eingreifen in der Ukraine


Liest noch jemand mit Verstand diese Luegenpresse. Ich habe mittlererweile den Boykott aller etablierten Westmedien erklaert – so hat man Millionen Menschen in Kriege geschickt, um einige wenige West-Oligarchen zu bereichern.

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Warum Kiew Depardieu als nationale Gefahr einstuft


CIA finanzierte Springer Presse, das ist die Gefahr.

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Warum Truman den Abwurf der Atombombe befahl


USA hatten geplannt auf Russland und China Atombomben einzusetzen. Man rechnete mit 600 Mio Toten. Nur die voellig unerwartete Entwicklung der A-Bombe 1949 in der UDSSR vehinderte den Angriff. Im Bezug auf die kommunistischen Zwangssateliten, die von der Siegermacht UDSSR geschaffen wurden, darf man nicht vegessen, dass es der Westen war, der die UDSSR angriff, viele der vom Hitler ueberranten Voelker kaempften gegen die UDSSR. Dies war Grund genug, um einen Puffer um das eigene Land errichten zu wollen. Die heutige Erweiterung der NATO an die Russischen Grenzen, Unterstuetzung der Junta in der Ukraiene, zeigt Zweierlei: Russland hatte Recht im Bezug auf die Absichten des Westens, und zweitens wird die Missachtung berechtigter Interessen einer jeden Grossmacht ultimativ zum Krieg fuehren. Die Bevoelkerung sollte sich von den US beherrschten westlichen Propagadamedien nicht in die irre fuehren lassen, denn den Preis werden die einfachen Menschen bezahlen.

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Ischinger wertet Merkel-Hollande-Reise als letzten Versuch


Ich hoffe die Weltredaktion hat einen sicheren Platz im Bunker, anders kann ich mir die Berichterstattung seit langer Zeit nicht erklaeren.


Wenn Maidan in Kiev gut ist, wann wird es Zeit fuer Berlin?

Israel’s Foreign Minister Calls Ukraine Conflict ‘nonsense’


The conspiracy theory Jew here, Jew there is not intersting any more. Jew hatred is just a sign of inability to explain the world as it presents it self. The list is factual wrong and a is joke. True is however, that we live in the era of the last world wide unified civilization where the highest value in a society became the availability of best services and products and the prospect be able to attain them. The consumerism has such tramendeous attraction that it has nullified the values developed by different civilizations over thousands of years. To be rich is more important than all other properties one can think of. Nor knowledge, compassion, love, honesty, patriotisms, children, health or any thing a like is applauded more in the advertizement driven mass media than being rich. An idiot singing low quality lyriks and melodies but making millions is being presented as more admirable and valuable than a doctor or a scientist or a nurse or a teacher. And the Jews and Christians and Moslems and who ever else who are ready to sell their soles for a hand full dollars you can find now a days in all professions on all continents – Ukraine is not an exception.

The Washington Post: помните Россию? Она по-прежнему обречена | Курсор: Главные новости Изр…


Ответ на статью в “Вашингтон Пост” В чей экономике больше субсидий?

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i (4)

Answer to the article in

Насчёт субсидий, то каждая страна живёт по своим возможностям. После развала СССР страна успешно утратила значимую часть промышленности, которая была по сравнению с западной особенно в сфере лёгкой промышленности отсталой – в силу более эффективной организации труда на западе – но в общем то совсем не нулевая, особенно в тяжёлой и военно промышленной области.

Многие страны мечтали бы иметь такую оснащённую, самодостаточную армию, который имел СССР – включая Израиль.

Но как уже звучало выше, после десятилетнего развала осталась только нефть и газ, которую успешно присвоили несколько олигархов и западные нефтяные компании.

Понятно, что западу это и нужно – ведь Саудовская Аравия есть такая как есть, поскольку только такой её запад терпит – один олигарх продающий сокровище своего народа на радость своей семье и западу – а кто из настоящих лидеров в других странах противится, ему под предлогом прав человека организуется крышка.

Что касается субсидий, то давайте взглянем в США: Во первых нельзя забывать, что экономика США субсидируется по разным подсчётом на пр. 40% Петро-долларом.

Что это значит? Петро-долларовая система обозначает, что все энергоресурсы в мире торгуются за Доллары США (a по инерции и многое другое). Кажется ну и что? Какая разница какой волютой платят за нефть?

Действительно, допустим для Саудов нет разницы – они бы и за другую сильную валюту продали нефть.

Но для США это является большой разницей – в действительности это самый приоритетный мотив внешней политики США!

Это надо понять, и всегда иметь в виду при анализе геополитики! Так как вы наверно ходите на работу каждый день только, что бы заработать деньги на жизнь, США за последние десятилетия стали полностью зависимы от того, что всем странам, которым нужно покупать энергоносители на интернациональном рынке сперва необходимо что нибудь продать США, чтобы заиметь Доллары!

Это объясняет кажется чудовищную силу экономики США – которая питает свою силу из этого механизма.

Сравните США с оазой в пустыне, к которой подвели водопровод качающий дополнительную воду – через несколько десятилетий оаза превратится в большую рощю где будут водится множество разных видов зверей, и обитатели будут гордится своей родиной и сами собой.

А лесник, который конечно знает о водопроводе будет делать всё, чтобы не разочаровать обитателей своего леса.

Если лесника сопоставить с правительством США, то во первых оно поддерживает рынок жилья – 90% всех финансирований жилых площадей осуществляется в конечном итоги не коммерческими банками, а государственными структурами (Ипотечные гиганты США Freddie Mac и Fannie Mae являются основой рынка жилья США. )

Фактический весь рынок кредитования учёбы в ВУЗАХ США базируется на государственной гарантии – т.е. коммерческие банки не несут риска кредитуя молодых абитуриентов – т.е. так называемые приватные элитные и другие университеты – т.е. рынок образовательной отрасли фактический полностью зависит от государственных субсидий.

Во всемирном сравнение в долго срочной перспективе заниженные кредитные ставки возможны только из за особенной выше названной мировой функции Доллара США, что является очень существенной субсидией для экономики США в конкуренции за обретение финансирования коммерческих проектов.

Здравоохранение тратит в США в 3.5 раза больше средств на каждого пациента по сравнению к другим развитым странам – всё это возможно только благодаря Петро Доллару.

Так и финансирование военных сил, которые дороже чем все остальные армии вместе взяты!

Тюрьмы в приватных руках переполнены – в десять раз больше заключённых, чем в остальном мире – государство оплачивает доходы бизнесу косвенно через Петро доллар.

Каждый экономист сможет сам привести ещё множество примеров, каким образом фактический коммунистическое государство США незаметно субсидирует псевдо капиталистическую систему США.

Наш лесник начнёт проявлять активность на источнике воды с целью сохранить установившийся порядок.

Если меры лесника будут противоречить общепринятым законам, то владетели источников воды будут противостоять.

Вопрос, что должно быть разрешено делать леснику, а что нет.

Вернёмся в реальный мир.

После развала СССР США беспрепятственно имели шанс выстроить мир на благу всех участвующих и при этом пользоваться привилегией называть свою валюту мировой. При этом они должны были понимать, что мир развивается, изменяется и что их позиция не вечна.

Вместо этого США начали активно влиять против естественного ходa мирового развития в сторону много полярного строя, с целью “на вечно” остаться единственной мировой державой.

Единственные две державы, которые имеют потенциал предотвратить эту утопию США на сегодняшний день, это Китай и Россия.

Китай из-за экономической силы, Россия из за военной.

Сам Китай уязвим, так как зависит от энергоносителей транспортируемых по океанам – а океаны контролируют США!

Россия единственная страна в мире, которая самодостаточная во всех аспектах – как с энергетической, так с военной, так и с промышленной точки зрения – хоть и отсталой, но восстанавливаемой за относительно короткий срок.

Идея США состоится в том, чтобы взять под контроль сперва Россию, а потом Китай.

Россию можно контролировать только, если она будит зависить от тех продуктов запада, которые необходимы, чтобы удовлетворять ново возникшею всемирную потребность конзумпции.

Это развитие привело к полномасштабной переориентации цивилизационных ценностей во всём мире!

Такие ценности как любовь, социальные взаимоотношения, разум, образование, честность, патриотизм, знание, религия, традиция и.т.д – все они поголовно утратили свою позицию сомой притягиваемой ценности –

1. Наличие передовых продуктов и сервисов в экономике и 2. Перспектива ими пользоваться.

Любая цивилизация утрачивает свою привлекательность, если она не может обеспечить вышеназванные условия.

Россия имеет всё необходимоё, чтобы стать не зависимой в этой сфере, и благородя санкциям процесс импортозамещения ускорится.

При этом народ России, который так же охвачен консюмеризмом, всё же ещё вовремя разобрался в истинных намерениях США и поэтому проявит необходимое терпение к своему руководству, которое не идеальное, но наверняка не из плохих и истинно патриотично.

Что касается Китая, то благодaря даже с точки зрения лицемерной и эгоистичecкой позиции США их бездарная политика подтолкнулa Китай и Россию заключить сделку по снабжению Китая российским газом, что не только усугубило позицию Европы, так как газ теперь сможет потечь в замену к ней в Китай и Индию, а Китай стал неуязвимым для флота США, который не как не сможет остановить газ текущий по трубам.…

HUGE: Russia Plans to Shift ALL Gas Flows Crossing Ukraine to Turkey


NATO bandits have thought that because the iphone will be more expensive due to their illegal sanctions against Russia, 150 millions Russians will give up its little country and bag for help. This is the nation which calls 20% of earths land mass its own, which liberated Europe from US backed Hitler, which liberated Auschwitz, were blacks from Africa were studying in universities in time when they were not allowed to drive with whites in same bus, nor to mention to learn in same school in USA. This nation Russia was called by Obama the biggest threat to humanity after ISIS and Ebola. Obamas predessesors, grandparents were probably or possibly slaves in USA, shipped by English fleet from their home land to die there. This leader of the free world is calling Russia the biggest threat. Yes, Russia went through Kommunismus, which was born because the earley capitalistic system did not care about the workers in those days. And yes, it did suffer under Stalin, who came to power without elections, but sure enough the Russian nation has a very prominent historic record and does not need, and will not bent to the petrodollar driven US Empire, which politicians do not even inform its own population about the criminal deeds they orchestrate to control both, own population and the world. Will not roll with Russia. Shalom.

Meet David Cohen: The Jewish ‘sanctions guru’ appointed deputy chief of the CIA


Is he following the funds CIA has spent to finance the fascistic Junta in Ukraine? If Jews are servicing the CIA, which is engaged in torture, illegal wars world wide they should know about their responsibility to the Jewish nation.

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Putins riskanter Ritt auf dem russischen Bären


Es wird dem Westen die Lust nach feiern vergehen, wenn der russische Baer entweder umfaellt, oder anfaellt. Sie haben die Wahl.

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Bürgerkrieg : Syrien wird zum geostrategischen Schlachtfeld – Nachrichten Politik – Ausland


Russland ist das einzigste souveraene Land, welches Den USA die Alleinherrschaft seit WWII versagt, und wie wir nun verstehen,die Welt vor totaler Ausbeutung bewahrt hat. Wir duerfen nicht vergessen, dass im Atomzeitalter die Herrschaft absolut ist. Dass der Sozialismus in seiner diktatorischen Art unterlag, bedeuted absolut nicht, dass den Kraeften, die den Imperialismus, Kolonialismus, Eugenic, Rassismus, etc. hervorgebracht haben nicht gegnzuwirken ist. Bei der Siegesparade am 9. Mai in Moskau hat Putin an die Leiden waerend des zweiten Weltkrieges erinnert und hat angekuendigt, dass aufgrund der Kriegstreiberei des Westens Russland aktiv in das Weltegeschehen eingreifen wird – danke fuer die Befreiung Auschwitz’s, danke fuer das richtige Engegement in unserer Zeit.