I hope that the new President will go the path of reestablishing American authority in a sense to be a constructive force in the world, to promote peace, stability, democracy and freedom.

That will require the understanding that the American century is about to end and its role will be a strong country among others.

I am very doubtful, however, whether the political US establishment, which has the access to the industrial funds required to take part in the presidential race, will have this insight.

Rather, they will continue the aggressive path against Russia, China and many others who do not want to subordinate to the US dominated order.

Yesterday Indonesia joint the countries, which opposes among others the Bretton-Woods agreement from 1946, which has established the Dollar domination.

America will have to make the choice, either to contribute to a common world order, or it will try to alienate its satellites against the rest of the world in order to at least command them, which in essence will lead to a division of the world economy and to a new cold war.

Support of Israel does not depend on a single candidate, but on national interests.

As an example one can see, that in order to save Saudi Arabia from falling in to the influence of Iran, and in order to weaken Russia USA needs the cooperation of Iran, and as one can whiteness, Israels security interests are becoming secondary.

Natanyahu i.e. makes the wrong move by alienating him self with USA for it’s approach to Iran.

On the other side he opposes Russia, which delivers S300 to Iran to stop the spread of US aggression.

Better, he should have secured good accord with both key countries, and demanded from USA and Russia security guaranties along the moves they choose to do to secure their own respective national interests.

Means – stay in good relations with USA and go to the 9th May parade in Moscow and try to facilitate between the superpowers.

For this to do however he is – in my opinion – too much infected with the American Illness, and therefore does not see the limits of his abilities.

The result of Natanyahu’s politic will be, that Israel will loose, not win.

Iran is not stoppable by brute force and Israel will need in any case international support for its security.

The next elections in US will decide the path the world will go the next century – either further globalization and unification, or the reverse to Cold War II with all the consequences.

By Mr.Reason.