What do have in common the terror attacks in France and the industrialization? And if there are some connections what else can we expect to happen?

Obviously, industrialization is a major historic event, where as the Islamic terror last week in France is just a little bead along the unfolding event chain of the humane time line in the universe.

In order to unearth the intrinsic driving force of a mechanism we must follow all the moving parts, to collect and record their effect on the surroundings, and then we may derive a picture of the whole system. This will also enable us to make a sound presumption of the future development.

What is the most basic level of satisfaction humans need?

Water, food, cover, sex, etc., … – short – its the physical survival. After that follows the social status within the community!

Over hundreds thousands of years the most attractive organ of a man was which? Correct, its the brain, or better say the wisdom!

Only because of this fact we became to what we are today, namely the most intelligent creatures among the living.

In order to become wise it took a lot of effort, experience and time, but those who gained the wisdom were usually socially highly regarded and respected.

This made sense, since they knew the best answers to the challenges of the life.

Then came the  industrialization. 400 hundert years later which part of a man is the most attractive to a woman? No, it is not the brain any more, its his bank account. His ability to consume and to provide consumption has overtaken all other skills in importance.

Who ever can show the highest level of consumption is also leading the pack with his ideas as well! His ideology becomes the leading one, similar to a supper man flying in the sky’s and telling us what to read – because if he can fly, he knows it better!

Does he really?

The products surrounding us became more important than every thing else in our lives. More important than honer, truth, families, parents, children, religion, knowledge, health – Everything!!! It is more important than our traditions, our environment, our own identity!

We may not see it, we may not want it, but day by day we give up little of this, little of that. It happens on all levels, in small and big, in families, and in countries.

But that’s not all! There is a very mightful Center of this development, which uses exactly this attraction of the material things to direct the behavior of the world population towards its own advantage.


If you don’t follow me I will cut off your consumption level dramatically.

And in deed, most do what is being said without big resistance, since nothing else is more important, than the goodies.

Those who decline to follow the orders are being sanctioned or bombed, which has a double effect: It brakes the resistance of the unwilling, and shows to the consumming followers why they better continue to follow.

These new masses are being completely controlled by the system to a degree, where it is not visible to them any more.

They are living ants in a virtual reality not able to see above their horizon, because this skill is not needed any more!

Who needs one who always complains about things which do not really matter for the immediate consumption!

He should rather buy a new refrigerator, instead of complaining that Ukraine, Lybia, Iraq were bombed illigaly because they didn’t want to follow the above mentioned Center.

Now in Paris, who cared that the islamists are killing more and more Jews since several years?

Who cares about the antisemitic propaganda in all Arab countries? Who cares about the security of Israel? No body – they are busy consuming!

Who cares about Ukraine? Who cares about the militant right wing Junta installed in Kiev by the above mentioned Center? Who cares about 70 people burned alive in Odessa? Who cares about the Malaysian air plane shot down by Ukrainian army?

No body!

Even the West Ukranians don’t care about the East Ukrainians, only, because apparently the EU offers in a long term supposedelly better level of consumption than the Russian or the Euroasian economic zone.

Even more, they are ready to raise their own children in hate to their brothers in Russia for the better shoes. They now deny their history as well, since not the German Nazis invaded their country, it was Soviet Union who invaded Ukraine and killed the Jews and Ukrainians, and later invaded Germany.

The New Age men kills it’s own people and it’s own dignity to possibly drive a better car in the future.

And what is the Center doing? The Center wants to remain Center, and for this it has to devide and to rule.

To rule it needs the currency, since the finances decide it all!

How can it keep its own currency high? By keeping its demand high! If a very important good can be purchased for only one destinctive currency, than the currency will be very high in demand.

That’s why oil can be traded in Central’s currency only, and they make sure it stays this way even if war is needed to maintain this status quo.

Does a peacefully and strong EU interfere with Centers goals? Do strong and peacefully countries in middle East interfere with Centers currency? Does a strong Russia fit in Centers ambitions? Do the EU sanctions against Russia help the EU?

Does the war in Ukraine help either of the Ukrainian part? Is the Palestinian conflict really unsolvable, or it is not supposed to be solved from the beginnings?

Again to Paris – No, they don’t complain about the killed people, because they didn’t complain before as well.

They didn’t complain when French bombers killed hundreds in Lybia and destroyed the civilization there making hundreds of thousands to refugies.

They did not complained when the German foreign minister openly supported the austing of a legitimate President of Ukraine.

They didn’t complain when 7000 rockets hit Israel.

They did not complaine when NATO started the encirclement of Russia.

But now they complain because they are not allowed to have the perceived freedom of expression, of THEIR freedom of expression, not that of people in Donbass, who do not want to join NATO.

No, they need the freedom of expression to freely express what they are told to express, about the other problems they don’t care, because the only thing which really matters is the consumption, and the one who promises it to continue.

But the main message is the one that double standards don’t roll for long!

If you care for life, you have to care for all’s life!

If you care for freedom, you have to care for all’s freedom.

If you do care for security, you have to call for all’s security!

You may not believe in this messages when it was the case in Iraq and Lybia, though even from there Paris feels the pain, but you should trust history,

You will know it, if Russia will lose its peace through Ukraine!