Joachim Gauck has verbally in a very sharp form attacked president Putin, Russia in connection with the civil war in Ukraine.

If even the German president Joachim Gauck does not see, how an illegal military coup, which was prepared and executed by western secret services, has started a civil war in Ukraine, and that Russia can not sit idle under this circumstances, then how shell a lay person be able to judge properly the situation.

The cynic Western media is controlled mainly by very few US corporations and are not able to provide to the respective societies world wide the proper variety of points of views.

This can lead in a worst case scenario to a major confrontation between NATO and Russia.

It is an alarming sign if Gauck as well as many other politicians do not see the real cause of the conflict.

The success of the newly established political party in Germany AfD at the recent elections in Sachsen which is very much critical in regards to the western attitude in bullying Russia is a sign, that a big part of the German society is better informed than those who lead them.

The mass media system is corrupted by NATO to an alarming degree.