A solution in the Israeli Palestinian conflict can not be achieved militarily.

Considering the emotional tensions and the interlocked geography the only solution is to separate the two nations so they can have their own state in secure borders.


So far so good, but this is exactly the problem – Israel can not agree to a Palestinian state which is in sole and sovereign control over the air space, and which has a full scale armed forces.

One can image what Israel would face if the Hamas would have not just the primitive Quassam rockets, but tanks, multi-rocket launcher and cannons.

So what should be done? There is basically only one solution. Considering the fact that there are many Arab states which cover a huge territory and Israel is the only Jewish state, it is only logical that the Palestinians should be able to be absorbed by the surrounding Arab countries.


The world should comprise a development package, similar to the “Marshal Plan” for the whole Middle East, which would create strong incentives for the receiving states, as well as for the Palestinians.

Democratic reforms and economical development should go hand in hand with a well planed and coordinated effort to relocate the Palestinians which would give them hope for the future.

For this to work the major powers, especially USA, should return to respect the international law and abstain from the policy of using force to propagate it’s own interests and to try to “democratize” other nations by force.


We are witnessing now the total failure of the Middle East policies of the West –  why is it this way?

The engagement of the world powers in Middle East over the last century was mostly driven by the crude oil and it’s control over it.

Were as after WWII the major direction in nation governance, especially in Europe, was the avoidance of dictators and development of stable democracies, in Middle East the priorities were different.


The major Western powers cared about the control of crude oil and for this reason it was and still is much better to install dictators.

These autocratic rulers receive security guaranties, wealth and the needed military equipment for the permission to extract oil and to sell it in US$ only – PetroDollar System.


Since WWII the main player became USA – therefore crude oil is traded in US Dollar only. This means that every one who wants to buy crude oil has first to attain the US currency, which is a great deal of an advantage for the USA and is the main and only source of it’s exorbitant financial power.

This constellation bears the main obstacle for a prosperous development of the Middle East.


The societies in the Arab countries are remaining under dictatorial control, economies are stagnating and are not able to support the growth of population.

In it’s misery religious fanatics have an easy play in radicalizing major parts of the societies.

Whenever a national leader appeared who did want to reduce the influence of the western oil corporations he was removed from power and a dictator was installed instead.


This summery may appear littler simplistic, but in essence reflects the reality without going much into detail.

One has just to take a look at Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. – all dictatorial regimes – but one can hardly find any criticism of their human rights records in western media.

Obviously, there is more into it – the Sunni – Shiah conflict which superficially seems to be a religious one, but has also an element of crude oil control, since Iran is able to influence the Shiah population living on the oil fields in Saudi Arabia.


In addition, during the Cold War the West supported radical Islam to fight the communistic USSR.

These radical Islamic forces have turned against West and their puppets regimes then after.

Today we are witnessing the spread of the ISIS movement in Iraq and beyond, which threatens the stability of the Middle East to a degree where even Arab countries are supporting Israel in the war against the Hamas in Gaza.

The reason for the catastrophe in Iraq is the illegal US lead invasion, which was triggered by Saddam Husein’s trade of the Iraq’s oil for Euros instead for US Dollar.


This development today may be the starting point for a new peace and development initiative in the way it is suggested in this short review.

One thing is clear, the only solution is two states for two people, but in states which are secure and defensible – that means: All so called Palestinians, should be absorbed by the surrounding Arab countries – they all speak the same language and are an integral part of the Islamic – Arabic nation.

Also, the Crude Oil should be traded in many different currencies and the income of the oil should be used more for the development of the Middle East, and less for the support of the desires of the USA to create a monopolistic world order for it’s own benefit.

Israel wouldn’t be perceived as a prolonged arm of the West and would have the chance to built a new relationship with it’s neighbors – this is possible, as one can see the peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt.

Jews and Arabs can very well coexist together, but first they have to get rid of this open wound around in Gaza.

The only way out is to correct the artificial borders in disregard to the population living there. This applies not only to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, but also to Kurds, Sunni and Shiah. Then peace may have a chance.

Though this approach may sound illusory under the given circumstances, but without creating a viable scenario for the whole region Middle East will remain a destabilizing factor for the world and the suffering will go on, on both sides.

The author of this article is very much supportive for Israel in it’s struggle for a secure existence, and is not supportive for the extremist Hamas and many other Israel haters, which does not mean that the loss of lives among the Palestinians is less troublesome. Instead, the Palestinians are the victims of their own immature political leaders, who do not want to accept a small Jewish country as a neighbor.

If however any Israel hater happens to read this article in the the hope to find a confirmation for his assumption that the Israelis are – as often portrait in hate propaganda, but also in moderate western media – blood thirsty warriors, so I can only state, that those people don’t have a slightest clue what Jewish traditions and Israeli society are about.

And if those words are not enough to change a stubborn prejudice, then check the photos taken in these days and see how Israel is “enjoying” the war …

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