One can only wonder what level of hate and disinformation can lead to such a tragedy. From the West no one can expect any mercy, since they need to secure the US Dollar as the main trading currency, and they want to secure cheep labor and resources for their industries.

Israel and Palestinians are also suffering since decades because the West divided the small land in a way that no just solution can be found, which would satisfy both nations.

Now, the West’s arrogance reached new level and the political elites supported by the unified media are trying to suppress Russia, the only viable force which can oppose the hegemonic USA.

What will happen is not only the Cold War II, but even worse – now, where the West lost respect and thinks it can push Russia from one side to the other it may take actually a Hot War with Russia’s involvement to make them understand where the red line is.

Since conflicts are not predictable one can only imagine what risks we are facing ahead.

Instead of unifying the effort to engage the multiple real problems in the world the loose capitalistic machine is driving the world into absolutely unnecessary confrontation.

The biggest disappointment is probably the media, which fails to inform the electorate so they would force their political classes to adjust the unsound foreign policies – still, it is not too late yet to revert the development.