Today may go down in history as the end of a unipolar world, the tone in which the United States asked. In Brazil, right at this moment is made ‚Äč‚Äčeven one center of force. In Fortaleza BRICS summit is taking place . During the meeting, the head of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa create a structure that will enable these countries to support each other and grow without regard to the favor of Washington.

At this moment the entire political elite of the world, of course, watching what is happening here in Fortaleza, at the summit of the BRICS countries. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa actually loudly declare that the world – multipolar. And in the coming hours will be together a number of key decisions to support this. Documents definitely affect the international balance of power.

In Brazil, only now start to the day. Negotiations leaders of the five countries have already started and will last for several hours. Given the current international situation, the more appropriate to recall what the BRICS: half the world’s population, almost a third of global GDP. So, it’s the world’s biggest summit recently.

Before starting a long time Putin speaks with Finance Minister Siluanov. The exact topic is unknown, but one can assume what they mean. BRICS countries create their own development bank with a capital of $ 100 billion. And at the same time – a kind of stabilization fund BRICS as $ 100 billion. Each country contributes its part of the money in China – 41 billion, Brazil, India and Russia – to $ 18 billion, South Africa – 5000000000. And in the case of economic cataclysms BRICS states can count on rapid financial assistance fund. In fact, this structure is an alternative to the IMF, kotoryy-to long ago turned into a kind of U.S. Bank – IMF allocation of money in the U.S. team, give them only to those who deem it necessary, on terms that it sees fit. Creation of a BRICS and fund reserve currencies – concrete steps to reform global finance. In an interview on the eve of the summit, President Putin explained why such reforms are necessary.

“The international monetary system is overly dependent on the position of the dollar, or rather from the monetary policy of the U.S. leadership. BRICS want to change this situation,” – said Putin.

Meeting of heads of Russia and China – the third in just six months. The two leaders discussed the economy, deepen and develop the foreign policy coordination between the two countries. But in Brazil the conversation could not just start with football themes.

“Russia took over for the FIFA World Cup, and this is yet another testimony of increasing the power and raise the profile of Russia in the world. Recently you visited China, we have achieved a number of historical arrangements. And now it is important to act in the spirit: it is said than done. How said “make hay while the sun shines” – refers Chairman Xi Jinping to the Russian head of state.

“Mr. President, dear friend, I want to say that I liked to go to China, especially with such results. If you do not mind, I again come November, this time to work in the APEC summit that China will host the themselves. We have a huge amount of cooperation, it increases from year to year. Those plans we have outlined to you, I am absolutely sure will be all implemented and it will display our relationship to a higher level “- meets Russian President.

To a new level, Putin said, should be lifted and the role of the BRICS. Association should be an integral part of the system of global governance.

“How exactly do this? First of all, in every possible way to develop cooperation in the UN, strongly oppose attempts by individual countries impose on the international community to shift course undesirable regimes and promotion of unilateral options for resolving crisis situations,” – said Putin.

Important for BRICS Putin believes discussion of the events in Ukraine and the frequent cases of “massive use of unilateral sanctions.” Now, quote: “sanction attack by the U.S. and its allies” exposed Russia. And Russia is grateful to its partners in the BRICS, condemning such practices.

“We need to make substantive conclusions from happening, measures together to devise a system that would allow countries to avoid persecution, did not agree with certain foreign policy decisions of the U.S. and its allies, and conduct a civilized, mutually respectful dialogue on all contentious issues,” – says the president of Russia .

Such a dialogue with its partners builds Russia. With the largest economy of the African continent – a significant increase in turnover.

“We can always count on the support of Russia, and Russia can count on us” – says South African President Jacob Zuma.

Countries and BRICS create your investment fund to launch joint projects in all states.

Separate theme of the summit – improving the information security of the association. A few months ago it was reported that the BRICS wanted an alternative American Internet infrastructure. Its role is certainly played with total espionage scandal in the United States throughout the world.

On the sidelines of the summit, of course, will be discussed and the question of a possible expansion of the BRICS. Interest in the group exhibits one of the largest Latin American countries – Argentina.

During the BRICS summit, Putin will meet with the new prime minister of India, with the presidents of Venezuela, Uruguay, Bolivia, talks with Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia. And given the past earlier talks with the heads of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua: absolute record – nearly two dozen meetings in just a few days.