German media, questions and answers to Israel.

Three Israeli teenager disappeared near Hebron. One of them managed to make a short phone call, and the three men “students of the Talmud,” and “students of the religion” and “children of settlers,” as they are called in the German press, disappeared.

While Israeli police looking for them, the German journalists seek to blame some one and habitually quickly find those.

The “children of the settlers” themselves and their parents are responsible for what happened to them (sure enough, they happened to be born in the wrong place, where to be born as a Jew is made to be a crime in the eyes of the European public.)

Reports in the German media about murdered Israelis marked astonishing heartlessness, better knowingness , moralization, ignorance and prejudice which no journalist would allow it self if it would have been a German tourist killed while on safari in Yemen, for example.



Middle East correspondent of the “Tagestzeitung” Suzanne Knaul, however, recognizes that the Israeli occupation “does not legitimize the ruthless behavior of kidnappers” but only to immediately refute itself: “But this is the reason of their motivation,” because “if the decision to establishment of two states for two peoples was accepted, these students now would be sitting at home with their parents. “

Although Mrs. Knaul writes reports from this region for many years, obviously, she did not have time to look into the Hamas Charter, which explicitly refers to the “liberation” of the Jews throughout Palestine, including Tel Aviv and Haifa, and between Tel Aviv and “illegal settlements “makes no difference (the same is still true for the Charter of the PLO, headed by Abbas). But it is a lot of ranting that “these events play into the hands of the Israeli Prime Minister”, “for which all the blame but himself.”

The “War yearning Israel” has peace with Egypt, Jordan, but that’s seems to be by incident only!

Often overlooked or not comprehended is, that the obstacle for the establishment of the  Palestinian state is not the unwillingness of the Israeli government, but the conditions for its set up, as demanded by the Palestinians – they want to command fa full scale army, have the full control over the air space, etc.  – which would render Israel completely indefensible!


Der Spiegel

More clearly expressed Julia Amalia Heyer, correspondent of “Der Spiegel”, “is not yet clear who kidnapped three Jewish settlers. However, Netanyahu has accused Hamas and inflates this case for propaganda purposes.”

In this case it is no longer about teenagers or “studying the Talmud,” but of “settlers” (one of the most abusive words that only exist in German journalism).

This one word is enough to readers, it was clear that the “settlers” are to blame for his abduction as illegally were on the “occupied territories.”

Both journalist rants that “Netanyahu has not presented any evidence,” “It is important to him to show that he alone should determine who is good and who is bad.” “Now he can finally prove himself as a hardliner.”

Though all this sounds illogical, it leads to a goal and only by little does not coincide with the Palestinian theory that “settlers” staged his kidnapping for selfish purposes.


Deutschland Radio

The same idea can be traced in an interview conducted by a leading “German radio” Dirk Muller in the Israeli ambassador in Berlin: “Have not you a bad feeling in his stomach, Mr. Hadas-Handelsman, when you hear about searches and raids throughout the West Bank of the Jordan? After all, there is no evidence that it was Hamas, which hang all the blame? “ Interview reminds at an interrogation.

When the ambassador responds irritably: “What do you want us to do, sit and wait while they steal our children, so they killed us, so they fired rockets at our citizens at night, just because they live there?” ” interviewer “abruptly cuts him off:” My job – to ask you, Mr. Hadas-Handelsman, and you must answer. “

It is difficult to imagine that the same interviewer with the same passion molested, for example, the Syrian ambassador, requiring him to prove his allegations.


If it walks like a duck …

Of course, we must admit that not all the facts in this case are clear. It may well be that teenagers abducted by aliens. Or they ran away from home to seek refuge in Palestinian families. Maybe the disappearance was not at all, and the story was staged by Mossad, as well as the “September 11” to be able to respond to blood.

In a country where historians are still looking and can not find a Hitler order for the final solution of the Jewish question or the written order from Honecker to kill refugees in Germany at the border, everything is possible.

Six million murdered Jews killed and several hundred refugees from Honecker regime is not sufficient as evidence.

In the case of the three missing “Talmudic settlers” is not enough, that they disappeared, that their disappearance is celebrated in all the Palestinian media and social networks as a blow to the “Zionist enemy” – since no one took responsibility, there fore one can blame the “Zionists” and “settlers” themselves.


Green Party, Stroebele

Since then, in 1991, the then head of the Green Party Stroebele said that Saddam Hussein’s missile attack on Israel is the logical and inevitable consequence of Israeli policy, this idea runs through any coverage in the region.

It does not matter whether it’s rocket attacks or kidnappings, for German journalists it is always a “logical and inevitable consequence of Israeli policy.” Even when three teenagers disappear, the reprters are not asking “Who kidnapped them?” but instead “What are the children doing there?”


We are not against Jews – we are just against them living in peace and being save!

This position – not only is heartless ignorance towards the victims, but shows also the mentality rooted in the minds for centuries.

Moreover, modern Antisemitism differs from the classical one only in that the Jewish question and its final decision moved from Europe to the Middle East.

Otherwise, it repeats his entire repertoire of old: that the Jews are to blame for antisemitism, which would not have happened if they had not instrumentalized it shamelessly for their own purposes.


Teenagers Killed – Israel shell show restrain

Meanwhile, we learned that three teenagers were not only kidnapped, but also killed by the Hamas.

And it is clear what will happen next: Israel shell use restraint so it “does not spin the spiral of violence to not jeopardize the peace process”, both parties must return to the negotiating table. For that, the incident just freed three Jewish places, what the big deal, then …

Ever since this article was written, the events unfold with kaleidoscopic rapidity.


Arab boy killed

Following the three Hebrew children were found dead and one Arab.

And in this case, the perpetrators were found immediately and very easily: Well, of course, the Jewish settlers and extremists (although in this case there were really different versions, including criminal, and the boy’s parents gave very contradictory evidence) are to blame for immediately. There is no evidence required.



The speaker in the main news TV program Middle East correspondent of the First channel (ARD) Richard Chaim Schneider (incidentally, is Jewish) for five minutes ranting about Jewish extremism, from Begin to Kahane and Goldstein, to the current Arab teen killers (if you gave him not five, but ten minutes, then he would not have to talk about any more, because no more Jewish extremists exists, and Kahane, to tell the truth, did not kill anyone, on the contrary, killed him and his son).



As for the slain Israeli teenagers, here Schneider wondered the same thing as other journalists of the news channel n-tv: for example, that “Netanyahu is trying to make political capital out of this kidnapping.” The search for the criminals as Schneider and other journalists were presented as part of the Israeli authorities actions against innocent Palestinians.

When it became clear that the Arab teenager really was killed by Jews (though not the settlers and even settler children, but one of the six), then among the Middle East correspondents began a feast, comparable only to that of a celebration in the green party after the disaster at Chernobyl and Fukushima. Well, finally their hour came and now the facts about the evil Jews must no longer be sucked out of the fingers! 


Another Israeli Teenager killed two month before!

Interestingly another fact as well. At the same time of the killing of the Arab teen Abu Haidar Israeli police uncovered the killing of the 19-year-old Israeli young woman Shelley Dadon, killed two months ago on the way to an interview by the Arab taxi driver Hussein Khalifa.

But to look for the story of the murder in mainstream German media is useless.


Yet another defensive compain

Meanwhile, another war broke out in Israel.

Its coverage is biased and not objective still, however, in the opinion of the humble author of this article, yet more objective than before.

Of course, in this light there are many misunderstandings, misrepresentations and anti-Israel clichés. But there is no direct lies in general, if you read the various media, it is possible to make a more or less objective picture of what is happening this time.

 Even if you listen to the same Schneider, about the words of Netanyahu that the need to remove the silk gloves, sarcastically saying that he had never previously been seen in them.


Israel bombs Gaza

However, when the impartial spectator or reader learns that the Israeli Air Force attacked the 1100 targets and even at inflated Palestinian data killed only 90 people, one is able to divide 90 by 1100 and get a fine surgical work of Israeli pilots.

And this as noted in the “most densely populated areas of the world” as they like to be presented in all the world’s media. In fact, it’s a cliche does not correspond to reality: The population density of Gaza is about 3.8 thousand people per square kilometer, while in Paris, it is 21 thousand per square km., in Jerusalem – 6.4, and in Tel-Aviv – 8.1.

But in general, even the most anti-Israel German media, such as the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” and “Der Spiegel” oddly enough are reporting in a relatively objective way.

Much sympathy for Hamas is not noticeable this time.

Amazing transformation has occurred, for example, with the correspondent of “Der Spiegel” Ulrike Putz.


Ulrike Putz

Putz first arrived in Israel as a young journalist in 2002, and I remember her then in a report – it was a propaganda for Hamas in its purest form; Hanin Zuabi could not write a more pro Hamas biased article.

Putz lived in Tel Aviv, receiving a scholarship from the German Herbert Quandt foundation.

For information: Quandts are German billionaire brothers which became unprecedentedly wealthy during the war, when they and their father fantastically profited from the slavery labor of prisoners. A piquant detail: one brother was the son of Magda Goebbels, the other – her stepson, and none other than Joseph Goebbels helped them to get rich (whose descendants own, for example, most of the automaker BMW).

W. Putz lived in Tel-Aviv, rotated among leftists and often cheated their articles from editorials of “Haaretz”, which she did not hide.

In 2007 she was transferred to Beirut, and there the life laughed at her when she happened to give birth to an illegitimate child from her Arab friend.

Local administration in Lebanon stubbornly refused to give the child documents, and without them Putz could not leave Beirut.

After a long, long ordeal, which Frau Putz did not hesitate to describe in “Der Spiegel”, in the birth certificate of the girl was entered the word “bastard” (bastard).

Whether these personal insults and stubborn reality does not fit into dogma of  “Haaretz” and companies have done their job, whether conscience awoke, but today Ulrike Putz already writes differently.

So, in an article on the outbreak of war, with a very uncharacteristic for her title “The escalation of violence in the Middle East: sneaky calculation of Hamas,” she writes, for example, that Hamas has no money, nothing is left to pay wages with, the people in Gaza hate them and is on verge of revolt; a little more and a massacre inside Gaza would have started, and that’s why Hamas started this war, kidnapping and killing three teenagers and firing rockets into Israel.

12 years ago Frau Putz would blame any one who would express such opinion as Zionist and Nazi.

Moreover, “Der Spiegel” published another article from her describing the suffering of Israelis from rocket attacks, which was unthinkable previously.

Other media, though clearly not approving the Israeli reaction, but still emphasizing that it was in response to attacks on Israeli towns.

In the past though, for example, during the “Cast Lead”, “Pillar of Cloud” and “Security Fence”, it was fashionable to confuse cause and effect and to blame Israel for it.

 Still, for example, the newspaper “Die Zeit” writes: “The Israeli Air Force in responded to attacks from Gaza and hit 50 targets in the sector. Among them are the houses of four Hamas leaders.”

“Süddeutsche” the same thing: “The Israeli Air Force bombed 50 targets in the narrow Gaza Strip, the Israeli military said as Speaker Peter Lerner. Among them is the home of four military leaders of Hamas.”

Next, “Süddeutsche” brings an important detail which the “Die Zeit” “forgets”: “Nine people were injured by shrapnel in Gaza. One of the residents of the house said that before this attack, they have been advised by phone of incoming bombing. After firing warning shots, the residents were left 5 minutes to leave the house. “

Israelis take this detail as granted. Europeans though, have been traditionally conditioned to see the Israelis as blood thirsty monsters.

Of course, neither one did write that while the terrorists fire at Israeli territory hundreds of thousands of Israelis are sitting in bomb shelters, and still Israel continues to provide humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

 Not less than two hundred trucks a day loaded with food, medicines and other essential goods pass through the checkpoint “Kerem Shalom.”
These are the “Zionist atrocities” – you bomb us, and we provide food for you.
As explained by sources in the Israeli government, it is done to prevent a humanitarian disaster in the enclave, as well as to legitimize the anti-terrorist operation “Enduring rock” in the eyes of the world community.

While Hamas fired (or rather, tried to fire) on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in Tel-Aviv took place the “Whole  Israel Peace Conference”, organized by the pro-Arab newspaper “Haaretz”.

There spoke the White House representative in the Middle East, North Africa and the Persian Gulf region, Philip Gordon. He blamed both sides, accusing them of disrupting peace talks. After that, Gordon and his colleagues had to hide in the shelter, but it is unlikely to greatly affect their pathos.

Remember the Russian author Sergey Mikhalkov’s Foma, the unbeliever?


Oleg Veksler,

Automatic translation edited By Mr.Reason.

Original article in Russian