Gerard Depardieu is proud that he is now the Russians and believes that relations between Russia and Europe will soon improve. On this and other plans of the Russian-French artist said in an interview to “Russia 24”.

Many referred to the decision to move to Russia Depardieu skeptical and thought that he would soon change his mind, but his love of our country, only gets stronger. “I am proud to be a Russian,” – he says. About a year ago Depardieu promised that will give the following interviews in Russian. “I’m studying diligently, because I like the language. First of all – because of temperament that fits me or that I go up” – he says (though still in French).

Commenting on Europe’s response to the recent events in Russia and the imposition of sanctions, Gerard Depardieu said he did not agree with that. However, he has no doubt that sow discord between Russia and Europe are trying to U.S.. “Of course, do not judge me, I’m not a politician, but I do not think they have enough power to destroy the relationship between Russia and Europe,” – he says.