Rapprochement between Russia and China – a multilevel process. Besides economic and political cooperation, countries are willing to building partnerships in the military sphere. In particular, we are talking about forming a defensive alliance, whose idea is in the air over the past few years. The new unit, in theory, should become a counterweight to NATO, even though, unlike this western structure, will be a truly global player.

Far diplomatic revolution

Breakthrough in relations between Moscow and Beijing occurred recently, after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Shanghai and the signing of the gas supply to China. Mutually beneficial deal opened the way for Russian companies to the Asian markets, but, more importantly, was the basis for closer cooperation between the two nuclear giants, one of which is possessed of inexhaustible resources and great technology, and the second – cheap labor. Russia and China are ambitious, active and adventurous. Union of these States could form the basis of a powerful defensive unit capable of guaranteeing in Eurasia peace and stability.

Beijing wants to create such an alliance. A few days ago the head of Xi Jinping called Vladimir Putin and asked to consider this issue. Russian guarantor answer is still unknown: such an important decision can not be taken at random. Need to prepare for the negotiation process to settle their differences and find common ground. In general, be the sea operation.

Due to the unavailability of Moscow and Beijing to sign an agreement on joint defense, Russian-Chinese military alliance has not received much publicity. But only in the Western media! In the U.S. and Europe are seriously concerned about the emerging alliance. Shpiegel warns, due to the convergence between Russia and China balance of forces in the world may have changed dramatically, and not in favor of the Western world. In the European and American press noted that now Russian and Chinese experts are working on the preparation of the draft military agreement.

Chinese “People’s Daily” and “Xinhua”, meanwhile, delicately hinted that the leaders of Russia and China can be hurry and with links. After all, the benefits of creating a Russian-Chinese alliance is obvious, and every day the need for such an alliance increases. Published in China Global Times describes the prospects for future Union and reports that, according to the Chinese side, “against the backdrop of Russia and Putin’s United States and Europe are similar to paper tigers.” It is worth noting that all the materials in this paper are strictly censored, and this means that any malomalskoy phrase reflects the official position of Beijing.

American Nightmare

West have something to fear. Military bloc Moscow-Beijing will significantly weaken the influence of the U.S. and NATO in different parts of Eurasia, and at the same time laying the foundation for the unification of Asian States. The historic mission of the Russian-Chinese alliance – to challenge American hegemony and recreate a multipolar world, where no one will obey the dictates of a single center.

If we compare the North Atlantic Alliance and the potential military alliance between Russia and China, it becomes apparent absolute advantage in Moscow and Beijing. The fact that NATO – is a regional bloc capable to influence what is happening in Europe and the Mediterranean, while Russia and China the strength to defend its interests in virtually all corners of Eurasia, from the Philippines to the Baltic. But, of course, a priority for the new unit will be the Far East and Central Asia, where in the near future will unfold and the main conflict with the West.

The main thing for Moscow and Beijing at this stage – to stop western expansion eastwards. We are talking about the events in Ukraine, Syria and the Caucasus, where trying to squeeze Russia, and about what is happening in Vietnam and the Philippines, where China has encountered strong pressure from Washington. But it is necessary to prepare a platform for the more powerful blows that will have global implications. For example, to abandon the dollar in mutual settlements.

For the United States continental Russian-Chinese alliance will become a terror in reality. From the first years after the end of the Second World War, Washington set out to prevent the emergence of any military-political blocs capable of resisting the United States. To this end, the United States put pressure on the root of all the rudiments of good neighborly relations, trying to knock heads together states of Eurasia. There is no doubt that the same “work” and being against Russia and China.

Washington would be shocked if it attempts prove futile, and Moscow, together with Beijing will create a defensive alliance. Then U.S. troops guaranteed will be removed from Afghanistan and the Central Asian republics, because Central Asia to America would be closed. In fact, the United States will be expelled from the land, and will be able to interfere in the internal affairs of a island and coastal States of Eurasia. But this is not enough: Washington needs access to resources, and besides, he is afraid of competition from the Russian-Chinese bloc and would dismember him.

NATO powerless to do

With the U.S. in a new cold war will not be able to rely on its European allies, as European countries have little or no influence in Asia. Maximum capacities of NATO war in Afghanistan showed: it turned out that deliver manpower and equipment over long distances – overwork. Contents occupation troops in the remote Asian country break the bank, but the war did not bring long-awaited results.

With regard to Iraq, France and Germany refused to participate directly in this avantyurke: Afghan war has become for them a good lesson. Berlin and Paris have no interests in the East and do not understand why the need to protect American interests somewhere in the mountains and deserts of Asia.

Recently, NATO seriously degraded, and perhaps that is the storm of the Mediterranean: in other parts of the world, European countries will not act in concert with the United States. “Independent” for the states of the Western world has become commonplace: if you want to use force, they are less likely to seek help in Brussels, and prefer to act independently.

But Russia and China are trying to coordinate their actions. In addition, a potential alliance Eurasian powers capable of sending troops to any point of the world. Not be difficult to send Russian and Chinese navies to the shores of Africa or South America; will also be relatively easy to organize joint operations in the so-called Third World countries.

From a continental to global security

The advantage of the Russian-Chinese alliance would be the presence of friendly countries and on different continents: if need be, for the task, you can request assistance, such as Cuba, Sudan or Venezuela. This assistance does not have to be a military sometimes provide port-based ships or airport to accommodate aircraft will be more useful than the power support.

This network is capable of friendly Russian compete American naval bases, available on the coasts of all four oceans. Russian strategic aviation fleet and has been repeatedly tested in exotic countries. In Moscow, supported by China have a chance to revive the military presence in the loyal states of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In general, the Russian alliance with China is beneficial. Despite the attempts of foreign diplomacy drive a wedge between Moscow and Beijing, bringing together two of the leading countries of Eurasia will be a serious challenge to U.S. power. In the future, the potential Eurasian alliance could completely neutralize Washington’s influence in Asia, and in Europe for sure to the Russian-Chinese alliance will join other states, who feel their own vulnerability to overseas invaders.

The new union will first reformatting security in Eurasia, and then – to change the balance of power in the world.

Automatic translation from Russian.