Seems like it is OK for the Western countries to invade Iraq, to bomb Syria, to bomb Libya, to bomb Yugoslavia – did I forgot some one who was attacked within the recent historical period – to bomb Ukraine, oh yes, to bomb civilians in Pakistan.

Obviously, double standard became in West so common, that it doesn’t even see it if is obvious to a common citizen.

But as we say it, the one who wants every thing will get nothing.

So, the democracy wave roles with the bombings ahead, but only where energy is in play, or if it is possible to weaken who ever dares to rise and potentially to challenge the very exceptional nation USA. The only exceptional attribute of it is in reality the political class, which thinks it stays above international law.

But this time, I think, the calculation is off – Russia and China are not Iraq and Libya.

And whether Europe will play this game in Ukraine for too long is also questionable – after all, they do not want to become yet again just a chess piece to be sacrificed in the geopolitical game of the US.

But this is just my opinion,