Like a house guest whose exit has long been overdue, the United States continues to bash around Europe as many European countries are beginning to realize that the damage being caused by US geopolitical strategy is far worse than any benefits that they may be able to gain. This was stated in an interview with the Voice of Russia by Joseph Zrnchik, a retired US military planner and trainer. Mr. Zrnchik believes that US failed foreign policy has weakened the US economically, militarily and geopolitically and that this failure is leading to the collapse of his country.

Hello this is John Robles I am speaking with Mr. Joseph Zrnchik, he is a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator.

Robles: You recently wrote a very interesting article regarding the situation in Ukraine where you called US foreign policy “schizophrenic”. Can you tell us what you meant by that? Regarding the situation in Ukraine where do you think it is headed?

Zrnchik: It is schizophrenic because on one hand they are attacking different various groups, and then on the other hand they start assisting the same groups that they are attacking, and it makes no sense and it doesn’t advance US interests at all, when you attack Al-Qaeda and then you fund Al-Qaeda. That is just the case there.

Same thing in Syria: you work to destabilize the government and then support the CIA to attack Syria, and then the same groups that attack Syria, you sit back and go “Oh, my God, what were we thinking? It looks like these Jihadists are winning, so we need to start backing off”.

And then often times the fact that they try to believe a reality that they know it is false, they sit there and tell everybody that it is true and everybody knows it is false. It is like if everybody is looking at this crazy person and they are just shaking their head going “Ok, we will just believe whatever you say because it is easier to do that than try to reason with the US government”.

Robles: You say the US is operating from a weakened position militarily, economically and politically. Can you expand on that?

Zrnchik: We have had a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iraq fiasco has just been disastrous, I mean if you are looking at it from an advantage of what the US was trying to accomplish, it totally failed in the war.

There is still war going on, in Iraq you have Sunni-Shiites with sectarian violence, hundreds being killed a month after all that money was spent.

You’ve got a war going on in Afghanistan. And now the US is trying to figure out how to bow out without losing too much face, giving away billions of dollars and the economy in the US is really… They all keep saying: “We think it is going to get better” but all the experts are saying it is about ready to crash. So, that is economically.

Politically you can look at everybody, everybody is just tired of the US, the US has just added insult upon injury and then more injury, and you look at spying on the rest of the world on its closest allies, the leaders of those countries, like Merkel.

You look at all the ways that the US has been called to task by people in reference to its inconsistencies, its hypocrisies, and people are just tired of hearing it, they know that everything that comes out of the US Government’s mouth is just ridiculous and if not ridiculous, then it’s a lie. So, that is politically.

And then militarily, it might have a lot of power right now because it has these weapons and equipment but right now the American military is exhausted, the American people don’t want any more war, they don’t want to pay for any more war.

They look at what the last decade of war has gotten and it has gotten us nowhere, in fact we were told that Al-Qaeda was going to be destroyed, on its last legs and couldn’t carry out any operations, and now we find out they have divisions of Al-Qaeda and more and more groups are swearing loyalty to Al-Qaeda, so if you take into taking all those aspects of what is going on, I don’t understand how anybody could think that the US is better off than they were 10 years ago.

Robles: What do you think about the Ukrainian situation and sanctions and the EU? How is that going to affect US foreign policy and relations with the European Union? Do you see that going in the negative direction for the US?

Zrnchik: Oh absolutely! Because a lot of Europe already knows that the US is “full of it”. I mean, they are just way out of line, everything they say is ridiculous and the US wants to implement sanctions on Russia and in fact Russia’s economy is just too important to Europe, and that is where they get their oil from, Russia is going to be a major player in the Eurasian Trade Pact and providing fuel to China, and so the EU is already in bad shape except for Germany.

Germany is doing really well but when we are talking about how they couldn’t even do what it took to try to keep Italy from falling apart and yet they think that they can come up with the money to start putting into the Ukraine, and they keep saying: “Putin is going to go in there, he is probably going to try to grab the rest of the Ukraine!” Well that is just ridiculous! Who wants this basket case.

The only reason Putin is involved in Crimea is because there are ethnic Russians who have always been Russians, who want to be part of Russia, and they seek the protection, and it is a duty that is owed to Russian people by Putin. So, he is doing that, but as far as him wanting to absorb the rest of the Ukraine, it is utterly ridiculous.

He can’t afford it, the US can’t afford it and the EU can’t afford it. And I think that there is going to be a lot of chaos that is going to occur because of the fact that there is not going to be enough money to bail out the Ukraine.

The Ukraine is probably in worse shape than a lot of other, what they were calling; “The PIIGS Nations”, saying that they needed all that money to be bailed out.

Robles : What were they calling them? Which nations? The pig nations?

Zrnchik: “PIIGS Nations”, which was the nations that we were having big trouble economically that they were having to impose austerity measures on, which was Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Spain and Greece.

Robles : They call them “PIIGS Nations”? Who called them that?

Zrnchik: It was in western media, it became very common because it was PIIGS, and I guess they wanted to do that to say these countries were just pigs and that is why they are in the mess that they are in economically and of course to deflect any blame from the EU, and then also to create a situation in which Americans weren’t sympathetic to those European countries who were having austerity measures forced upon them by the EU.

Robles : Are you talking about Ukraine? Is it a “PIIGS Nation” too?

Zrnchik: It is not but it ought to be included in there because of the fact that if you look at how much money they are consuming, and that is the bottom line, that they are consuming more things than they can pay for. And for the sake of civil society Russia wasn’t benefitting from selling them oil at the reduced price. Why were they doing that? It was clearly a case of Putin saying: “Look, people need these things to live and so we are going to sell them at a loss”.

Robles: Russia was subsiding the Ukrainian economy and they’ve been doing that for about 20 years.

Zrnchik: In fact I was just reading Putin is trying to extend an Olive Branch to the rest of the EU saying: “Look, how can we work together to provide for the Ukraine so that there isn’t a total collapse of Ukrainian society?”

I mean if there is a total collapse and you’ve got fascists in charge, who knows where that is going to lead to.

Robles: The latest thing now in Maidan, this started about 12 hours ago, we are starting to get reports that there is a new wave of protests on what the US branded the EuroMaidan Square, it is actually Independence Square. On Maidan there are now protests against the Junta government. So, everything is completely turned around.

The US installed their puppets, they were successful in that, but these were people the population didn’t want, they wouldn’t have never voted for them and there is now mass protest beginning to build up against that government. How do you think that is going to play out?

Zrnchik: I think it is going to play out a lot like it did in the USAID operation that was going on in Cuba. It is another case of that exactly, there was a great article written on it. And what it was is they tried to create this Twitter account or business that was going to operate in Cuba.

And initially it was set up so that the Cuban would start using it and they could have Social Media and they were going to back it and have it be pro-Cuban and just involved in what was going on in Cuba, but the eventual plan was that they were going to start introducing more and more information that would then pit the people against the government and try to create chaos that way.

It ended up being that they thought it would eventually win and enough people in Cuba would start subscribing to it, that it would become self-sustaining. What ended up happening is when they cut off money to it, the thing collapsed.

It left all these people in Cuba wondering what the heck was going on. The USAID people who were doing legitimate humanitarian work were furious because now they are viewed as a part of the CIA practically and that they are involved in trying to overthrow governments and destabilize and so there is a lot of people who are angry who were working for these agencies, they are saying now we are going to be targets because of what you are doing.

But the bottom line was it was just the military-industrial complex, people who were trying to make money and create some need, a business that the US would go ahead and fund, and there was a whole bunch of people lined up. And then like I said, what happened was when it was supposed to be going on its own, it collapsed and then the State Department was trying to find out who was involved in it, the Senate was trying to find out who was involved in it and so far nobody wants to claim responsibility, nobody knows who was in charge, nobody knows who ordered it.

I mean it is that kind of chaos, it is ridiculous. And I think the same things are going to happen with the Ukraine. They probably are going to try to dump everything on Nuland and a few people within the State Department and Hillary was smart because she bailed. But let’s face it, that policy did not just come about in the last two days. That was a policy that was being carried out by Hillary Clinton for her entire time as head of State Department.

I think it is going to be an utter disaster for the US and I don’t know where they are going to go. I don’t know what Ukraine is going to do. Those are things that can’t be answered at this point. It is going to be a disaster, there is going to be people that are going to have to provide humanitarian assistance and I’ve got a feeling that a lot of people are going to be saying “Russia had it right”.

Robles: Eastern Ukraine was full of all the industry and everything, they were supported by sales of manufacturing to Russia, which was a big problem with why Yanukovich didn’t sign the EU Association Agreement because they wanted him to cut off all ties with Russia, which would have been suicide of the country economically.

Zrnchik: One of the things that I was going to mention is I think that a lot of problems that the US is having like every empire, what ends up happening is that the more you go out and become belligerent on the world stage, the more people start lining up against you, and pretty soon the empire creates so many enemies for itself that anybody who’s against its interests, it is pretty easy for them to go ahead and oppose the US.

I mean everything has been so leveraged that once one thing collapses, everything else starts going down. And so we can see the US is worried about the toppling of these dominoes in that its leadership is going to start being challenged, every act of defiance or even disagreement ends up being something that the US goes completely ballistic over because they worry that any disagreement is going to end up leading everybody else to say “the US isn’t necessary. It is more harmful than what it is helpful” and the American people are going to begin to understand the complete failure of the neo-cons Project for a New American Century and of course they are hoping that the American people remain ignorant as to the harm that it’s caused to this country even while it causes harm on the world stage.

So, I said in my article: “Gone is the day when the US can go ahead and ship pallets of hundred dollar bills literally by the ton to other countries like they did in Iraq, in a ham-fisted attempt to rebuild civil society.

They hadn’t done it in Iraq and they had just pallets of hundreds tons of hundred dollar bills, there is no way that they are going to able to do anything like that in Ukraine. So, it is just stupid for them to be doing that.

Right now they ought to be working constructively and not worrying about who is in charge but worrying about what the needs of the people are going to be and how they are going to maintain the continuity of government amid the imminent collapse.

It ought to be something that the US ought to be studying because of the fact that I could see this happening to the US down the road, especially with the weakening of the petrol dollar, especially with Russia deciding that it wants to have economic ties with China and those two working together, I think it is really going to spell trouble for the US, and so the US needs to start cooperating with other people and try to build friendship as opposed to trying to oppose things that aren’t really anything to argue over.

In the Crimea the people have to have the ability to be able to determine their own future and the US has said that over and over again but as soon as it goes against whatever the US policy is, then everything gets thrown out of the window and that is the problem with the US because constantly it is the hypocrisy that drives the rest of the world crazy.

And that is why right now if you look at polls that have been taken, the rest of the world considers the US to be the greatest challenge and the greatest threat to peace.

Robles: Now Joseph, very last comment on the demonization of Russia and President Putin in the western media, and this almost maniacal war propaganda that it seems like all the western media outlets are trying to outdo each other in transmitting to the masses?

Zrnchik: I think right now the biggest problem is Obama looks weak and they are trying to support Obama so they don’t want to admit the fact that the US foreign policy is just such a problem, that it is causing problems for the US.

I don’t think that they have thought things through and so I think that the US is trying to save face right now.

And the other thing is The Global War on Terror has been such a disaster and it has done nothing but created more chaos, more than the US could ever have hoped to solve.

So, now I think a lot of it is they have wanted to go back to this Cold War mentality, it was safe for the US when the US was just opposing Soviet Union.

If you look at it now, it was actually a very stable time and you knew what each side wanted, what their foreign policy was, what they were going to do, now there is nothing that the US can control anymore.

You were listening to an interview with Joseph Zrnchik a retired US military observer/controller/trainer turned geopolitical commentator. That was the end of this interview thank you very much for listening and I wish you the best wherever you may be.