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The world is standing on the verge of the war in Ukraine, that can be compared to the Cuban missile crisis and it’s the US, not Russia, who is responsible for it, according to Stephen F. Cohen, a professor emeritus at New York University and Princeton University. Professor Cohen has also exposed an evident partiality of the American mass-media.

The American media is always giving only one side of the story and there will be no positive result without Russia-US mutual collaboration on Ukrainian issue. While Jeanine Pirro is inclined to see Russia as an aggressor, Stephen F.Cohen is pointing out that every story has two sides and draws a historical parallel between the current situation in Ukraine and the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.

“You’ve got mobilization of troops on one side, on the eastern borders of Ukraine, and we are moving NATO troops around Western Ukraine, Poland and Romanian area. That’s not good. If someone crosses lines – Putin in Eastern Ukraine or NATO troops in Western Ukraine – you’ve got the Cuban missile crisis.”

Instead of imposing ineffective sanctions or blasting Russia for Ukrainian turmoil, the White House should examine the situation. Obama’s position is irrelevant, notes Professor Cohen. While Washington is insisting that Russia invaded Crimea, the facts indicate that Russia was acting according the law. And when the US is trying to qualify the Crimean referendum as illegal, Russia is pointing to the Kosovo’s precedent and accusing NATO of annexing of Kosovo. It should be noted that NATO has been expanding towards Russia’s eastern borders for the last 20 years and has finally crossed the line in Ukraine.

Stephen Cohen stresses that Russia is not interested in Ukrainian ongoing crisis. “This crisis is triggered by something else, it’s another story”, says the Professor. The situation is getting out of control in Ukraine but Obama dismisses Russia’s proposals. “What’s happening inside Ukraine is scary and it can provoke a war, a horrible war”, warns Stephen F. Cohen.