Фото: EPA

Chinese state media lashed out at the US and the European Union for their policies in Ukraine, their “Cold War mentality” and their drive to antagonize Russia at all costs.

Despite the relative calm of official Chinese diplomacy, Beijing has not remained silent on the issue of American-sponsored coup in Kiev. Given that diplomatic etiquette prevents Chinese officials from harsh statements, but what can’t be said by diplomats can be written by the state media. People’s Daily, the newspaper owned by the Communist Party of China, published an editorial criticizing the US and the EU over their policies in Ukraine. The editorial is signed by”Zhong Sheng”, meaning “Voice of China” , a pseudonym used by Chinese officials to express their views. “Zhong Sheng” slams the US for its “Cold War mentality”:

“The theories related to politics, economics and security during the Cold War period are still influencing many people on their concept of the world, and some Western people are still imbued with resentment towards Russia “

China is clearly angry and clearly sympathizes with the Russian position on Ukraine. Given that Beijing its often subjected to unfair treatment from the West it is natural that Beijing doesn’t agree with American policies based on double standards.

China strives for a multi-polar world in which developed countries don’t organize armed coups and respect the international law. In this context, it is easy to see why People’s Daily editorialists advise the West to give up their old political habits and drop the double standards for the sake of global peace and stability: “Ridding the shackles of the Cold War mentality will reduce unnecessary confrontation, thereby allowing for a smoother transition in international relations.”