NBC doctors Sochi 2014 live coverage to show ‘joyless’ Russia. If they lie about Sochi, what else do they lie about when bringing news to us?

Photo: RIA Novosti

Sochi, Russia

American social networks have been outraged over how their media streamed a censored Sochi opening ceremony, with Twitter recently spotting a new popular hashtag #NBCFail.

A lot of American households had to switch to Canadian and British channels in a desperate attempt to get some unbiased coverage of the event after NBC, who monopolized the right to cover the Games, started streaming a heavily-censored ceremony in the Russian city of Sochi with a ten-hour delay. Basically, all the good pieces about Russia were ruthlessly “doctored” out of the video.

Both US media and TV audience have confirmed that many of the ceremony’s highlights were simply clipped, including a song by Tatu, a Russian police choir performing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and some of the Communist-themed scenes in the show.

NBC did not hesitate to delete the congratulatory speech by IOC chief Thomas Bach who thanked Russia and its Sochi Organizing Committee for doing a great job. It’s also a riddle wrapped up in enigma why the TV channel decided to do without the Sochi talismans show.

Many Americans have complained they could not stream Sochi Games footage via free mobile apps. As of now, the only place to watch uncensored Sochi coverage is paid-for channels.

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