26 January 2014, 21:52

Photo: Wikipedia.org

A new book has recently emerged on the market claiming  that Adolf Hitler died at the age of 95 in 1984 in a small town near Brazil’s border after having escaped his Berlin hideout.The book, titled “Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death”, challenges the accepted view that the dictator shot himself in his Berlin bunker on April 30 1945. The author claims he may have lived as Adolf Leipzig in the small town of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, 30 miles from the state capital Cuiaba.

The book includes a picture which allegedly proves this theory, challenging the official story which states that Hitler died after shooting himself in a Berlin bunker in 1945 when he realized Germany had lost World War II. According to the author, Hitler died incognito in 1984 in a small town near Brazil’s border with Bolivia – and it can be proved by a picture.

The author believes the Fuhrer fled to Argentina and then Paraguay before settling in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso to hunt for buried treasure – with a map given to him by Vatican allies.

As part of his elaborate ruse to escape detection, he also had a relationship with a black woman called Cutinga, which was meant to prove that he could not be the dictator who hated anyone who did not fit his Aryan ideal, the book claims.

The author, Post-graduate student Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias,  has outlined her bizarre theory, claiming the fascist actually died aged 95.

Simoni is now planning to use DNA tests using a relative of Hitler living in Israel, after been given permission to exhume Adolf Leipzig’s remains from his alleged final resting place in Nossa Senhora do Livramento.

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