Last year the perception of US centrist world order failed.

So what insight was it?



Cypriot an Epiphany: the valid robbery way of the West’s policies.



It was discovered that the crisis itself produces the Western model of development. The countries of the periphery, which most were linked economically with the West, they are more vulnerable to the crisis waves. Cypriot events have shown that no individual deposits in banks are immune from seizure if direct interests of the West are at stake. Cyprus has demonstrated – «civilized» robberies in the modern world are possible.



Syrian insight: USA – state-aggressor



Events in Syria led to positioning of US as the world’s Premier expansionist power. Russia and China blocked in the UN security Council the United States decision to depose the Assad regime. Failed has also the attempt to secure the approval of the invasion of Syria by the world majority. To get involved in the Syrian conflict under the auspices of the Americans refused even their closest allies.



The Chinese enlightenment: the spread of Western values, and the path to de-sovereignization



Integrating into the world economy, China long refrained from direct ideological opposition to the USA.  The main global political agenda in China in 2013 was the anti-American stance .



Egyptian an Epiphany: the US has no allies, there are interests



The overthrow of the Mursi in Egypt dispelled the illusion about the Union of the USA with the «Muslim Brothers». Islamist forces were used for their own advantage. As soon as between them and the USA certain  geopolitical contradictions were revealed the project «Arab spring» was minimized. All this gave other allies a reason to rethink the relationships, such as Saudi Arabia.



«Snowdens» insight: the global espionage



«The case of Snowden» showed that the United States are not only the global expansionist, but also the global spy. It turned out that the surveillance was carried out even the on leaders of the allied European States. In this regard, there has been some tension in relations between the USA and Germany.



Venezuelan an Epiphany: opposition to the US possible



The past year has dispelled the myth of American invincibility. Despite all means attracted by the informational and financial resources the elections in Venezuela won Hugo Chaves’s successor, Nicolas Maduro. This is the actual defeat of the United States and means for South America the continuation of the ideology of the new Bolivarian project. Barack Obama had to retreat in directions of Syria and Iran as well.



Russian insight: civilization hostility of the West



The «law of Dima Yakovlev Challenged the USA in the begin 0f 2013. Anti-American rhetoric became virtually the rhetoric of the powerful in Russia. Initially they supported the line of differentiation towards Europe and the USA. Opposition was against the militant Americanism, but not against Europeanness. However, during the year it became clear that the West in his anti-Russian position is united. Europe has categorically rejected the adoption  of a law in Russia prohibiting the promotion of homosexuality in Russia for minors. Europe started a campaign to organize a boycott of the Sochi Olympics. European Union strongly opposed the Russian reintegration. Ukraine has become a direct reason for the clash between the two projects. Never before the «color revolutions» in Ukraine provided for such clear antagonism.



Of course, all the above provisions of insights in 2013 existed previously. But first, they were not formulated as definitive. The line has been crossed. Therefore, the next step should be followed by a set of political decisions.

Civilizational confrontation between the West and the rest of humanity is obvious. We enter the 2014…

Vardan Baghdasaryan
Deputy Director of scientific Center of political thought and ideology.
automatic translationfrom Russian