Photo: EPA

Russian President Vladimir Putin plays the key role in solving international problems, Romano Prodi, the former Italian Prime Minister who is currently serving as the UN Special Envoy for the Saleh, said in an interview at one of the local radio stations ahead of the Russian President’s visit to Italy.

“Thanks to his ingenious proposal on Syria, Putin managed to reestablish Russia’s reputation on the international stage which the country lost after the Soviet Union’s dissolution. He actually helped the US, demonstrating political wisdom while Obama nearly went to war which the American people didn’t want. Putin’s move was an illustration of the first-class Russian diplomacy,” Prodi noted.

Romano Prodi, who headed the Council of Europe since 1999 to 2004, indicated deep divisions existing between Moscow and the EU in relation to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.

“Nobody needs these arguments. Ukraine could become a bridge which would strengthen Russia-UN relations. Europe depends on Russia, especially in the energy area, but Russia also can’t be a completely modernized country without close ties with Europe,” Prodi believes.

Voice of Russia, TASS