Pavel Durov

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Pavel Durov, creator and owner of the Russia’s largest social network VK, plans to establish a Digital Fortress corporation, which would create special communication technologies to ensure security of personal data posted online.

In an article posted to the Russian “Snob” edition Durov pointed out that today the communication has become as easy as ever, and so has the total surveillance. Edward Snowden has only proved what everyone already knew.

“Annually bath tub accidents kill thousands more people than terrorist attacks. But if tomorrow US security services decide to set up video cameras in our bathrooms “for our own safety” we would tape up the lens. Because our private life is none of their business,” – Durov said.

Durov pointed out that he is not a politician and has no authority to influence the surveillance legislation, but it is in his power as an IT specialist to develop and financially support technologies aiming at rendering the total surveillance technically impossible. “In other words, we can tape up the lens of this global video camera called PRISM, and not just that one,” – Durov stated.

Durov says that though he supported Wikipedia last year as part of promoting online open sources, today the problem is quite the opposite: it’s high time to close up some of those sources. This is why he is going to spend the money which he received for selling out part of VK on creating the non-commercial foundation Digital Fortress, which is going to finance the secure communication technologies.

Durov also said this project was created out of selfishness, as he himself wanted to be sure that no one, even system administrators or developers, would be able to access his personal information, let alone hundreds of internet service providers who can access virtually all messages sent via WhatsApp service.

“The technologies which are essential for the mass communication security have already been developed. End-to-end encryption allows make our personal data truly personal,” – Durov said.

“It’s not just words,” – Durov said,” – “Yesterday I was presented with a new safe instant message system supported by Digital Fortress. For the first time in my life I sent a message which no one was going to see, except for me and my interlocutor. It was an incredible feeling, and I hope that our web-developers and IT specialists all over the world will help everyone experience it.”
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