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Instead of lists of videos with performances of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and other senior Foreign Ministry there hung a banner read:“Account YouTube has been removed due to filing of numerous complaints by third parties due to the fact that the material posted by the user violate copyright laws.
Some applicants: Of “Channel One” All-Russian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company RTR ».This event is out of the ordinary. This blockade of our Foreign Ministry account at a time when information in geopolitical war is gaining new momentum.
The move by YouTube can be regarded as an international censorship against Russian diplomacy.This account contained videos of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and therefore claims of other rights holders appear to be questionable, as the rights to most of the movies is holding the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Earlier, on May 6 Youtube blocked the clip show “Gone childhood: the fate of children deported to the territory of Latvia, 1943-1944.”

The initiator of the exhibition, the historian Alexander Djukov left on his page on the social networking site Facebook message about what he considers the Latvian authorities involved in this incident.
“Small dirty trick for the Victory Day of the Latvian authorities: the promotional video of our exhibition” Gone childhood “locked in Youtube under the pretext of violation of” copyright “.
As unpleasant as the official Riga reminder of the crimes Waffen SS legionnaires and their memories of the survivors! Of course, the movie is unlocked, it is viewed by about 37,000 people, and see – even more. “And now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with its uncomfortable statements about double standards the U.S. and Europe in Syria, criticizing the U.S. for interference in the private lives of citizens, spy scandals, disregard for human rights in the United States – how not to close such an unpleasant and uncomfortable account.

The importance of the information field is self speaking. The channel Russia Today is gaining world wide more weight.

Yet we must remember that Russian Internet projects belonging to foreign States may be shut down at any time, be it private correspondence, or the funds are being frozen.Conclusion: Russia needs its information resources of all kinds, it’s payment systems, its GLONASS (GPS) system, and everything else.