Vladimir Putin

11.06.2013, Moscow 20:46:10 Politics in the United States has become a hostage to the imperial ambitions of the country, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin said.

This view he made public in an interview with journalists of the channel Russia Today.

According to him, the uniqueness of the situation is that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. for a while became the sole leader of the world.

“It is for them a certain ambush, which is that the U.S. has become an empire feeling,” – he said, adding that such a situation gives rise to certain elements not only in foreign but in domestic policy.

” An empire can not afford to show a sign of weakness, and any desire to negotiate on an equal footing in the country is often seen as a weakness, and that is what the country’s leaders can not afford”, – said Putin.

According to the president, the current U.S. administration is well aware that the country has not the capacity to solve all the world’s problems, but for domestic political reasons, there can be no compromise.

He expressed the hope that in time the American public will come to understand the current political reality.

Translated from Russian.