(RIA Novosti)

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in Sochi, Russia today.

Russia and Israel share the understanding that the continuation of the armed conflict in Syria is fraught with detrimental consequences for the country and the region, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, Voice of Russia correspondent reports.

Moves that could destabilize the situation in Syria must be avoided, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Putin and Netanyahu have agreed that the Syrian armed conflict, if continued, could pose “disastrous consequences” for the whole region.

“The only way to prevent a negative scenario in Syria is the soonest end of the armed conflict and the beginning of political settlement,” Putin said.

Russia and Israel will continue contacts at diverse levels for a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis, Netanyahu told journalists after the meeting.

“Together we are seeking to find the way to strengthen stability and security, we have a perfect opportunity to talk directly with each other,” he said.

Earlier, the Kremlin has voiced concerns over plans to extend a no-fly zone into Syrian airspace following airstrikes allegedly carried out by Israeli war planes inside Syria last week.

“Unfortunately, such destructive ideas resurface periodically, but no one thinks about the consequences,” said Genardy Gatilov, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister. He also stressed decisions regarding Syria could only be taken by the UN Security Council and that any other actions were a breach of international law.