Weltonline JournalismPhoto by Spiegel.de,  Jan-Eric Peters

The article Jan-Eric Peters wrote in a very popular German news paper about the danger journalists encounter when doing their work.

Especially dangerous is their work in countries where freedom of speech is limited due to the political system in place.

In general one can guess those countries based on the media we encounter every day.

But looking at the picture accompanying his article we may halt for a second.

How come that he is placing Mahmud Ahmadinedschad, Kim Jong- un, Baschar al-Assad with Vladimir Putin together and suggests those politicians are in the same league?

Obviously, Mr. Jan-Eric Peters is entitled to have his opinion, but before placing Putin in the picture, shouldn’t he have added to the picture all the dictators beginning from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Cathar, Hamas, Arab Emirates, and many more?

Couldn’t he have placed the leaders of USA, GB, and all the many western NATO countries which have invaded illegally Iraq and caused hundreds of thousand dead’s.

The former president W.Bush would be probably more appropriate among those than Vladimir Putin.

I am sure, if he wouldn’t be a German he surely would place some Israeli politicians as well, since it is very fancy in western media to pound on two distinctive countries nowadays – Russia and Israel.

I agree, due to different reasons – Russia is by definition “Evil”, because it is the only country in the world to date, which can allow it self to withstand the attempts by NATO (well, it’s actually USA which pulls the strings)  to gain the world hegemony, and Israel, since it is any way an easy pray, considering the good incitement work the Christian world performed over the last thousands of years.

On the other hand, this picture it self speaks very representative about the status of the “free press” in western countries.

Now Mr. Jan-Eric Peters, how many hours would you keep your job at the Springer Publishing House if you would have placed the proper persons in the picture?

So far to the “Free Western Press”.


Original article in German welt.de