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President Vladimir Putin is to hold a live call-in show at noon in the form of a televised dialogue with the Russian public. This is going to be Putin’s 11th Q&A session and the seventh with him as a president. Watch LIVE on our website at 12:00 pm MSK.  Voice of Russia’s special correspondent Margarita Bogatova is reporting from the Direct Line call center. Follow her English tweets at @MBogatova_VR

  • 17:02
    Putin’s Q&A: 4 hours 47 minutes, 85 questions
  • 16:50
    4:47 is an absolute record of Q&A session!
  • 16:49
    The Q&A session is over!
  • 16:48
    Q: “Why did you only take questions that are good for the authorities?” A: “I don’t agree with that.”
  • 16:48
    How do I become a president? You form a party and you certainly need to prove to people that you serve your country and then you”ll be ready to become a president! – Putin
  • 16:46
    Putin congratulated Vladimir Zhirinovsky with his birthday
  • 16:44
    Legalization of marijuana in Russia? No, but maybe for agriculture needs – Putin
  • 16:41
    I am eternally grateful to the citizens of the Russian Federation for their trust and for the opportunity to be the head of the Russian Federation. This is my life. Is this enough to be happy? This is a new question – Putin
  • 16:39
    People around the world recognize the achievements of Russian culture – Putin
  • 16:39
    Am I happy? This is a philosophical question – Putin
  • 16:38
    I would ask our media to be more attentive to people who risk their lives to safe other people, like that policemen who captured the Belgorod criminal. The policemen will recieve the award – Putin
  • 16:36
    WOW! A new record!!! Putin has now been speaking for 4 hours and 33 mins, betting last year’s 4:32
  • 16:35
    The judicial system is developing. Last year appeal courts appeared. But we still need to keep working and to keep developing the system – Putin
  • 16:34
    It is wrong to say that Russian judicial system is in terrible condition – Putin
  • 16:33
    The situation with Cyprus indicates that this scheme is not always reliable – Putin
  • 16:29
    Putin is 8 mins away from breaking his record for longest TV Q&A
  • 16:28
    People will vote for the next president – Putin
  • 16:27
    Putin honours the “heroes” of the Russian Paralympic team
  • 16:26
    Paralympic swimmer asks question about swimming bases for people with special needs.
  • 16:24
    The government was updated to 60%, a lot of young people from regions were brought in – Putin
  • 16:21
    Creation of jobs is an extremely difficult task. To create jobs it is necessary to put the economy on an innovative track. Upgrade existing jobs and create new ones – Putin
  • 16:19
    Q about jobs from Gennady Zyuganov, Communist party politician
  • 16:17
    We need to make our economy innovative. This is our key priority – Putin
  • 16:16
    The goal of the pension reform is to provide decent living standards and pensions for people today and in the future. Another goal is to make the system more efficient, there is a new law will be adopted in 2014. The gov still has to prepare proposals and calculate the pension formula. The gov was supposed to do that by March, but failed. I think the work will be completed in the nearest future. – Putin
  • 16:12
    Q about pension reform
  • 16:11
    Almost 3 mln requests: 1,9 mln calls; 453 000 SMS and 231 700 e-mails sent
  • 16:08
    4 hours of Q&A session: do you need medical treatment? 🙂
  • 16:07
    Putin speaks about the healthcare in Russia. One of the goals of our reform was to develop village clinics and instead they were shut down – Putin
  • 16:04
    The Skolkovo project is not under my direct management – Putin
  • 16:02
    We will monitor closely how Skolkovo spends money – Putin
  • 16:01
    Putin’s Q&A session lasts for 4 hours!
  • 16:00
    Skolkovo became an innovation centre. The idea is good. – Putin
  • 15:58
    Q about SKOLKOVO
  • 15:58
    The gov creates different technoparks – Putin
  • 15:57
    We have world leading companies that work in Russia – Putin
  • 15:56
    We are developing the scientific research, we are participating in different scientific projects – Putin
  • 15:55
    Q about development of science in Russia
  • 15:53
    Russian compatriots abroad must obtain Russian citizenship in special procedure – Putin
  • 15:50
    We need people to acquire Russian citizenship – Putin
  • 15:50
    Live broadcast from Novosibirsk Technopark!
  • 15:48
    We were very happy to give Mr Depardieu the Russian passport – Putin
  • 15:47
    As regards Mr Depardieu, he is a Russian actor, who played in a Russian movie Rasputin – Putin
  • 15:45
    Q about Russian compatriots in France
  • 15:44
    Question of union with Ukraine depends on Ukraine – Putin
  • 15:43
    It’s not that we missed the shale revolution, we are just very careful – Putin
  • 15:43
    The technology requires very careful examination – Putin
  • 15:42
    Shale gas and shale oil involve huge environmental concerns – Putin
  • 15:42
    The question about shale gas is difficult and there is no clear answer – Putin
  • 15:41
    We have already criticized Mr. Chubais, now Mr. Miller – Putin
  • 15:40
    Q about shale revolution and Alexei Miller
  • 15:40
    Q about taxes for small businesses
  • 15:37
    3.5 hours of Q&A session so far
  • 15:36
    From the Olympic Games we are expecting not only advertising of the country but an increase in the interest in sports – Putin
  • 15:34
    Many people of different ages should make sport a part of their lives, it will improve health and the population as a whole – Putin
  • 15:33
    We need to focus on the Olympic games – Putin
  • 15:33
    Russia is rich in Olympic talents – Ilia Averbukh, ice dancer
  • 15:32
    I am absolutely convinced that everything will be done in time and well – Putin
  • 15:31
    All Olympic facilities will be finished on time – Putin
  • 15:30
    We are ready for an improvement of the relations with the US – Putin
  • 15:29
    We are grateful to Obama for the help in the WTO accession process – Putin
  • 15:29
    No one can tell us why they passed the Magnitsky Law – Putin
  • 15:27
    Live broadcast from Olympic city Sochi!
  • 15:26
    We need to respect each other and look for the ways to better understand each other – Putin
  • 15:26
    This is imperial behaviour – Putin
  • 15:25
    Now Russia is the member of WTO, but the trick is if they left the Jackson-Vanik amendment they would have suffered themselves – Putin
  • 15:24
    Why did they adopt the Magnitsky Bill? We don’t know – Putin
  • 15:23
    We have 74 bln dollars worth of trade with the Netherlands and Germany – Putin
  • 15:22
    We don’t want to interfere in their business, and we don’t want to have their standards in Russia – Putin
  • 15:21
    During my recent trip we spent a lot of time discussing gay rights and other issues, they have their own standards – Putin
  • 15:21
    There was situation in Lybia, we see chaos in these countries – Putin
  • 15:20
    We said that the war was a mistake – Putin
  • 15:20
    There was some cooling in Russian-US relations up after the war in Iraq – Putin
  • 15:19
    Q about Russian-US, Russian-Dutch, Russian-European relations
  • 15:17
    The ministry of culture and other art experts should discuss and carefully examine the issue of returning the art collection back to Russia
  • 15:14
    Thank god we are not talking about moving art abroad – Putin
  • 15:11
    Putin promised Eifman to fulfill the project of their theater center
  • 15:09
    Q from Pushkin Fine arts museum director
  • 15:08
    Cultural Q from Moscow!
  • 15:07
    Thank you for supporting classical ballet and new forms of ballets – Putin to Boris Eifman, a choreographer, philosopher and thinker
  • 15:05
    Putin supports luxury taxes
  • 15:04
    Live broadcast from Saint Petersburg!
  • 15:03
    Three hours so far of Q&A session
  • 15:02
    Putin on trial over Navalny: Those who fight against corruption should be crystal clear themselves
  • 15:01
    We need to have a civilized, open discussions with non-system opposition. This way things they are speaking about will become clearer – Putin
  • 15:00
    Q: Do you feel support of young people? Yes, young people are very active – Putin
  • 14:59
    They call me a president of pensioners and blue collar people. I come from a working family. And I don’t see anything wrong about their support – Putin
  • 14:58
    I’m in constant dialogue with opposition. Non-system opposition refuses from this dialogue.They need to be legalized, create a party – Putin
  • 14:57
    You should act within law if you want to oppose anything
  • 14:55
    Some opposition leaders avoid having a dialogue – Putin
  • 14:55
    Russia’s citizens who fight corruption need to be innocent themselves, otherwise it looks like self-PR (Putin on Navalny case)
  • 14:55
    Russia welcomes NGOs, but if their activity is aimed at self-PR it’s no good, and if they invlolve in politics, they should inform of their activity – Putin
  • 14:54
    Every developed country have adopted laws on NGOs – Putin
  • 14:54
    Pedophilia, child pornography and suicide education prohibited in the Internet
  • 14:52
    Freedom on the Internet: how can you limit freedom on the Internet? We are not shutting the Internet down. – Putin
  • 14:49
    There is no need to fight policemen. The only reason they do it is to draw attention – Putin
  • 14:49
    Is it OK to have demonstrations? Yes. But they should be legal – Putin
  • 14:48
    All people in Russia should be equal before law including girls from Pussy Riot – Putin
  • 14:47
    Venedictov asks questions!
  • 14:47
    Let Rosstandart research the equipment measuring alchohol in blood – Putin
  • 14:46
    People must not drink before driving. A drunk person looses control over the situation on the road -Putin
  • 14:44
    No drinking while driving – Putin
  • 14:40
    In EU gas is twice higher than in Russia – Putin
  • 14:39
    Prices on petrol and gas depends on transportation distances, according to Putin
  • 14:37
    Q about petrol prices
  • 14:35
    Every tenth caller is from Moscow
  • 14:35
    We have a growing fleet of civil aviation, there are plans to develop middle fuselage – Putin
  • 14:32
    MAKS airshow became one of the largest and most respectable airshows in the world – Putin
  • 14:31
    Putin asked to send him papers about problems during the MAKS airshow for examination
  • 14:29
    Putin believes that Soviet jet fighters are good
  • 14:27
    Military schools have been optimized – Putin
  • 14:26
    Putin knows how to do barrel-roll! WOW!
  • 14:24
    Q about SU-44 and other military issues
  • 14:23
    Live broadcast from Russia supreme flying school in Lipetsk. MIG -29 just took off.
  • 14:16
    Putin supports school uniform in Russian schools
  • 14:16
    There is no tradition to wear headscarfs in Russia
  • 14:14
    Q about islamization
  • 14:12
    Russia needs to toughen control over immigrants travilling to Russia from Central Asia – Putin
  • 14:10
    Q about introduction of passports for migrants
  • 14:07
    Belgorod region asks about the risks for agriculture from WTO
  • 13:57
    The Q&A session with Putin lasts for almost 2 hours
  • 13:55
    WWII veteran tells how his teammates conducts educational and patriotic work among young people. Then he talks about vandalism and desecration of monuments.
  • 13:51
    The creation of Rosnano was Vladimir Putin’s idea.
  • 13:50
    Former CIA agents who worked in Chubais’s team were tried over corruption allegations at their homecountry – Putin
  • 13:49
    Chubais made mistakes and it influenced his image, however its hard to be in the front line, it takes courage to do what his command had to do – Putin
  • 13:48
    In nanotechnology sphere it is impossible to make no losses, but 2,5 billion of roubles of losses that’s a lot – Putin
  • 13:45
    Some people who worked with Chubais were CIA agents, they violated the law of the country. They were forbidden from profiting. They were corrupt – Putin
  • 13:42
    Chubais’ reputation has been poor – Putin
  • 13:41
    When will Chubais be put in jail? – Sergei Malenkov, expert
  • 13:40
    Q about corruption and Anatoly Chubais
  • 13:35
    Putin promises to build a playground for children in Novoshakhtinsky settlement
  • 13:34
    The situation is not that bad. Benefits will be increased, benefits for children with disabilities and social pensions as well – Putin
  • 13:31
    Family with many adopted children complain about high costs and lack of social benefits
  • 13:28
    First live broadcast from Primorye region
  • 13:26
    Novoshakhtinsky settlement, Primorye region – live
  • 13:24
    We must feel confident that the federal budget is capable to handle maternal capital. We don’t know how many money we will need after 2016 to fulfill our obligations – Putin
  • 13:22
    Live phone call in: Maria from Perm – maternity capital after 2016?
  • 13:21
    Russia is a vast country. We need to develop the transportation industry. The Transport Ministry is responsible – Putin
  • 13:20
    Q: Who is responsible for bad roads?
  • 13:19
    “I pay my taxes, where are my roads?” – one of the Qs recieved by SMS
  • 13:18
    2,300 million phone calls have been received with 3,556 calls coming every minute
  • 13:16
    One of the most frequently asked questions is about roads
  • 13:16
    Phone-in session lasts for 1 and 15 mins already
  • 13:14
    I’ve always been irked by our foreign colleagues calling Russia-based terrorists who committed atrocious crimes “rebels.”
  • 13:14
    We have life imprisonment, and stay assured it’s not a resort out there. It [death penalty] is worth giving some thought to, I’m thinking about this too.
  • 13:11
    Putin spekaing to “dangerous granny”
  • 13:09
    Mr Chaika, prosecutor general, “would be happy” to see Alevtina Vasilyevna, 75, from Tomsk region, who complains about the mayor of her city
  • 13:05
    Some US politicians suggest Tsarnaev to be considered a prisoner of war – have they gone mad?? – Putin
  • 13:02
    Russia is a victim of international terrorizm and we need more cooperation on combatting it – Putin
  • 13:01
    This tragedy should motivate Russia and the USA to work together – Putin
  • 13:01
    Russian people were the biggest victim, this has nothing to do with the USA, it is all about extremism – Putin
  • 13:00
    Russia suffered as well – Putin
  • 12:59
    Q about Boston terror acts – the Americans have criticized Russia, as the terrorists come from N Caucasus
  • 12:57
    Capital punishment will not allow to decrease the level of crimes – Putin
  • 12:56
    Question about Belgorod
  • 12:56
    Berezovsky asked for forgivenes, wanted to go back to Russia. All of the letters were very private and he was asking for a favor.
  • 12:56
    Putin would allow to bury Berezovsky in Russia!
  • 12:56
    We don’t have any information about the involvment of foreign services in Berezovsky death – Putin
  • 12:55
    The first letter was in February from Berezovsky
  • 12:54
    Berezovsky asked for forgiveness and he wanted to return back to Russia
  • 12:53
    It was half hand written the other part was typed – Putin
  • 12:53
    I recieved the first letter from Berezovsky in December, the second – after his death
  • 12:52
    Q about Berezovsky
  • 12:52
    Over 800 top-level civil servants went to court over corruption allegations last year.
  • 12:52
    Poeple should keep their money in Russia – Putin
  • 12:51
    If a man keeps his money abroad he is always dependant on that government – Putin
  • 12:51
    We should give people free choice – Putin
  • 12:50
    All people in Russia have the right to keep their money wherever they want, even abroad – Putin
  • 12:49
    What concerns the case of Oboronservis, it is up to the court to decide – Putin
  • 12:49
    We do have corruption in Russia, the most terrible one is on consumer grade, but we are fighting against it – Putin
  • 12:48
    But we are fighting corruption as well as recession – Putin
  • 12:47
    Corruption exists everywhere, I can assure you – Putin
  • 12:46
    15% of all the people involved in cases appeal to the higher court, others are satisfied
  • 12:44
    We should not go back to dark period of our history of 1935s
  • 12:44
    The investigation into Oboronservis is objective and is still on – Putin
  • 12:42
    In recent years we talked a lot about making our criminal court more humane – Putin
  • 12:41
    Victor Baranets is military observer
  • 12:41
    Question on investigation into Oboronservis from Victor Baranets
  • 12:38
    Kudrin’s main mistake was tough measures in finance without looking on social policies – Putin
  • 12:36
    Tough measures in economy can create difficult situation in Russia – Putin
  • 12:36
    Kudrin says he’s ready to work, but wants to reduce Russia’s economy on gas and oil industry
  • 12:34
    Putin suggested Kudrin to join government, but he refused. “Kudrin’s a skiver and doesn’t want to work!”
  • 12:32
    The economic situation is satisfactory at this moment, but not favorable – Putin
  • 12:31
    Both Putin and Kudrin are smiling during their dispute
  • 12:31
    Kudrin was praised twice as the best finance minister in the world, but not the best minister on social policies – Putin
  • 12:29
    We need to restructure our tax system – Putin
  • 12:29
    It is important to make our economy innovative – Putin
  • 12:29
    We often argue with Mr. Kudrin – Putin
  • 12:24
    Alexei Kudrin is in the studio
  • 12:24
    We need to give the government some time, they have a lot of work – Putin
  • 12:23
    I agree that we should expect a lot from the government, but it is not in session year round – Putin
  • 12:22
    Q: Do you think that the cabinet is not capabale of performing its functions?
  • 12:21
    We need to make some adjustments but the foundations of our economy will remain unchanged – Putin
  • 12:19
    Economic crises in EU affects Russia – Putin
  • 12:18
    Both government and region are responsible for the economic slowdown – Putin
  • 12:17
    Putin criticizes health ministry for failure to monitor the payoffs for medical personnel in Russian regions
  • 12:11
    The average salary is increasing – Putin
  • 12:09
    The demographic situation in Russia is improving – Putin
  • 12:06
    The total number of questions is approaching two million. 3,075 callers are in line to ask a question
  • 12:05
    Up to 2 mln questions for the Russian President were collected over the past 4 days
  • 12:05
    More than 300 text messages were sent and more than 3,075 phone calls recieved
  • 12:04
    Vladimir Putin is in Gostinny Dvor for annual Q and A session with Russians
  • 12:03
    Journalists set for President Vladimir Putin’s annual phone-in with Russians
  • 12:01
    Up to 300 people gathered in Moscow’s Gostinny Dvor to ask Putin their questions in person
  • 11:47
    Putin Q&A Session processing center received 1.75 mln messages
  • 11:25
    This is 11th Q&A session with the Russian public. The previous 10 live Q&A sessions, held in 2001-2003 and 2005-2011, in which Vladimir Putin took part as president and then as prime minister, lasted more than 40 hours in total and included about a hundred live stand-ups from cities and strategic enterprises.
  • 11:20
    President Putin’s Q&A session is to kick off at noon. According to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, people wishing to take part in the televised conference will gather at special sites in cities across Russia. Participants will have an opportunity not only to ask questions to the Russian leader but also to argue with him.