Happy Birthday ISRAEL!

The world celebrates Israel’s 65th birthday, and those who are not, should remember what it took Israel’s nation to attain an own country after 2000 years, which may be a small piece of land but a whole universe for the Jewish people.

All nations should be able to celebrate such fest!

The cousins of Jews, the Arabs, should do more for their Palestinian brothers, since they were misguided,  isolated and bared from a proper solution after the creation of Palestine and Israel in 1948 and the wars then after.

But let history be history.

Israel will do all what it can to help to solve the problem, but it needs a combined effort from all surrounding countries to find a solution for both peoples, and not as it was attempted in the past – at the cost of Israels existence.

Once peace is established, and after the Arab spring has settled down, the region may become once again a driving force of civilization.

For this it needs wise men and women to choose for peace and development, instead of war and destruction.