Israel is in an difficult position.

On the one hand it is depended on the West’s support for it’s security, on the other it is the long term influence of the West which created many of the problems in Middle East, and Israel is for the Arab street just an easy target to be blamed for every thing.

But even in the Western countries no one is questioning seriously the main reason as to why the many Arab countries didn’t make the progress other nations have seen in the last century.

It is actually very simple: Who has kept the dictators for decades in power to secure not only the flow of oil, but even more important – to make sure it is sold for US Dollars only?

One has to remember, there are two main mechanisms, which enable the U.S. to support it’s super power status:

  1. The connection of US$ and crude oil, which creates an artificially high demand for the U.S. currency (OPEC 1975), since every country has to buy the U.S. Dollar first, in order to be able to purchase oil, and is therefore forced to sell to the U.S. it’s goods under fierce international competition, which explains the low price level of goods in the U.S. on the one hand, but also the loss of U.S. production working places, on the other (see Triffin dilemma).
  2. The fear of former USSR and it’s communism, now replaced by the “bad” Putin, which threatens some how the world, and therefore justifies the mission of the USA to rescue the planet from Russians, which keeps the allies quite if they complain about the Dollar printing. (Nixon shock 1971, End of gold standard).

Therefore, the students in the colleges just following the easy way as well; lets blame Israel for it’s desire to have a some what defensible borders, but who is mentioning the fact, that U.S. and most of it’s allies have destroyed Iraq in an illegal war?

Not that Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, or Assad would deserve a lot of respect – similar to the U.S. supported dictators in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, etc. by the way -, but does it mean some one has the right to destroy a country in order to remove a dictator?

Especially if the real reason for the Iraq invasion was to stop him to sell Iraq’s crude oil for Euro (Food for Oil UN program).

And Libya, Syria, Egypt were destabilized to destruct the worlds attention from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia which were next to fall after the surprise revolution started in Tunis.

For Israel it remains to hope, that after the crude oil will vanish from Middle East it’s Western allies won’t let it fall like a hot potato …, as it had happen in Vietnam, for example.

By Mr.Reason


New Intifada on Campuses Abroad


“Those who believe it will disappear should take notice of the inconceivable increase in the number of North American campuses where significant anti-Israel activity takes place. They should ask themselves how is it that within just a few years more than 50 leading universities in the US began marking “Israel Apartheid Week,” which is characterized by hatred, lies and anti-Semitism? “


Full Article: Yedioth Ahronot, Israel