Moscow fears Magnitsky List will deal severe blow to Russia-U.S. ties

Алексей Пушков 2012 марта фото гр
Alexei Pushkov

Photo: “Voice of Russia”

The publication of the so-called Magnitsky list will irrevocably bury the idea of ​​”reset” of relations between Russia and the United States, believes Alexei Pushkov of Russia’s Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

He noted that Russia has never declined partnership, but one can hardly talk of comprehensive cooperation at a time when the United States has gone ahead with an anti-Russian law that arbitrarily ”blacklists” people whose guilt has not been recognized by any court exclusively on suspicions of U.S. congressmen.

The U.S. on Friday published the “Magnitsky list” that contains 18 names of officials allegedly linked to the 2009 death of Hermitage Group lawyer Sergey Magnitsky in a pre-trial detention center. These people will now see visa and financial sanctions applied against them allegedly over human rights abuses.

Alexei Pushkov said Russia has drawn up a list of its own, imposing symmetrical sanctions against U.S. human rights abusers.

Voice of Russia, RIA, TASS