From Israel’s perspective, the new Pope should do two things:

1. In face of the Iranian threat to Israel, and increasing antisemitism in connection to the still unsolved Israeli – Palestinian conflict, the main Christian church has to take the lead, and based on the historical role of Christianity in oppressing the Jewish nation over thousands of years, it must declare an unconditional protectorate for the state of Israel and the Jewish people.

It shell become a new global “crusade” for the safety of the Jewish nation, the bearer of the parent religion, but this time a peace full one, lead by wisdom, love, and care.

This policy is absolutely logical, absolutely needed, and religiously absolutely legitimate, because of the role the old testament plays as a foundation for the Christianity and Islam, because Jesus Christs was Jewish, and because it would show not just empty phrases, but be an important step to prevent a new Holocaust in the centuries to come!

It can not be, that the safety of the Jewish nation shell rest only on the ability of the small country Israel to overcome the military threats surrounding it. Israel shell be as safe as Vatican, Switzerland, or any other small country in the world.

2. Vatican shell more actively propagate the development of Islamic countries. Too long has the West kept the Arab dictators in place to get access to cheap oil, too long has it intervened in internal affairs preventing hereby the sociological, economical development in Middle East.

The danger is, that once the Western countries will loose economical interest in the oil rich countries, they will walk away, i.e. as USA did in Vietnam, leaving the Jewish nation alone to deal with the hatred the Arab nations accumulated against Western’s interventionism and are logically funneling their aggressions towards Israel, which depends on strong alliance with the West, but for it’s security only.

By Mr.Reason





Argentina’s Bergoglio elected first Latin American pope (via AFP)

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