Hi my little sister,

the critique of the current status of the USA is about the government being controlled by big corporations, banks, which naturally have a some what different agenda in terms of national interests.

As more their agenda differs from ideal course, as more the system will try to mask this deviation.

It is being achieved by misinformation (i.e. Reagan changed in the ’80th a FCC law which before had obligated the media providers to bring news unbiased and informative), propaganda, money to keep the underprivileged quite (i.e. free emergency room treatment in case of no insurance, etc. …).
Basically, all subsystems like health system, education, transportation, legal system, defense, correction system, etc. are to various degree inefficient due to the fact, that for over 40 years the additional wealth was coming from printing money and importing products from abroad.

This created an economically unhealthy environment, which lead to a structural mis-developmental of the entire U.S. economy.

Compare it to a little oasis in the desert, which in addition to a natural water source would suddenly receive a huge pipeline bringing water from distant areas.

Within several decades one would see a tremendous development of a forest with a completely “unnatural” or better misplaced flora and fauna – a whole ecological system – usually unfit to survive in a desert under water scarceness conditions.

This artificial water supply is the equivalent to the ability to print more money, much more, than the US economy it self will ever be able to produce.

If the world wide demand for US Petrodollars would come to stop – remember that OPEC is allowed to sell crude oil for US dollar only – you would see an immediate collapse of the U.S. economy, since it does not physically produce what it uses up.

One has to have in mind, that this scheme means that the wealth is being taken away from other countries, which are not happy with it!

In order to maintain it, the US system has to do what ever it takes – war included, if needed to disintegrate countries who do not wish to sell crude for US Dollars only.

And this is the problem, because besides of the ethics of it, especially Russia and China will not tolerate this behavior, and it will ultimately end up in a big confrontation, if the US does not begin to change it’s “parasitic” business model.

For this, the US government has to have the nations best interest in mind – and here we are back to the begin of this little discussion.

Because it’s not a sufficiently democratic system any more, it has to hide it’s policies behind – lets call it the big propaganda.

It includes distorting of present political events, history, fake party system, etc..

It keeps it’s electorate in dark, giving it like in the old Rome – bread and games.

This may be a good course for some very wealthy people or corporations, but it may and up in a catastrophe for millions.