Gerry Connolly – a US representative similar to many other Idiots in his class

June 29, 2016   ·   0 Comments

Here a comment to an article appeared in Russia-insider.com


Dear Gerry,
It was interesting to read about your expertise in regards to Russia in an article from
I can only say sorry for the incompetence of the leaders of such an important country as USA. If this continues, the US will loose every thing it has achieved over the last century – peace, wealth and world wide respect.
Do you really think, that supporting a fascistic Ukrainian government which came to power by force (assisted by USA) is in the interest of US population? Do you support Bandera SS?
Did the US government receive a consent and an authorization by its electorate to do what it did, namely secretly supporting right wing nationalists in Kiev?
The recent Brexit is a result of ignorant politicians, who support illegal bombings in Middle East, instigating wars, supporting indirect ISIS and similar illegal “opposition” groups by financing them, arming them.
What wonder, that millions are fleeing, some becoming terrorists!
How about NATO moving towards Russian borders? Do you really think, that Russia will give in to threats and will sit idle?
Go purchase a history book!
There I recommend to read what happens to those who attack Russia,
and also take a peak at Nazinexus, written by Edwin Black, so you will have an idea who created Hitler and who freed the world from him.


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