What is the long term solution for the Iranian threat? May be here is the answer.

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One has to see, that the motivation to acquire nuclear weapons comes from the desire to be safe – so did Israel too.

Iran had the experience of its democratically elected minister president been replaced by UK and USA for the dictator Shah in the 1960th, who allowed their crude oil, which is Iran’s national property, to be exploited by western companies.

Iran is witnessing the illegal Iraq invasion, the destruction of Libya, Syria, the support of the fascistic junta in Ukraine by NATO, and it sees, that North Korea is safe, because it has nuclear weapons.

Therefore, security for all, Israel, Iran, Russia, and Europe, and USA will come, if the big Cowboy stops braking international law, which was created under UN after WWII to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.

Hereby, the big powers agreed not to threaten all other countries, which in term have obligated them self not to develop nuclear weapons.

If the US will try to deal with the rest of the international community, as if they are the masters of all, spying, breaking laws, invading, manipulating media, playing in public nice, but committing crimes by it’s special forces, and all the other well documented criminal acts, they will loose every thing – safety, security and wealth.

Russia will not allow any one to play dirty games with it any way, and if the rest will not be protected by international law as provisioned, they will start to develop nuclear weapons.

The solution is a good contract with Iran (I didn’t read the one in question), but in addition, guaranty of the US that it stops its criminal behavior, and does not misuse its financial, military power to circumvent the UN by assembling “international Coalitions” comprised by vassals who depend on USA in one or another way.

A bank rubbery is even than one rubbery, if it is committed by the “Coalition of the Willing”!

By Mr.Reason


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