West, Russia should share in dealing with the forces of evil

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As Russia has an interest in increasing its influence in the Middle East, the West should give to Russia to take part in the struggle against radical have sprung up,
Dr. Ofer Israeli / 02/08/2015 09:06
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Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin
Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin. (Photo: Reuters)
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Russian involvement in the Middle East is not new. The Soviet regime treated the area as an important arena in the global battle against his rival superpower the United States during the Cold War. During those years, Moscow has acted to attach several dependencies, including Nasser’s Egypt and Syria during the rule of Hafez al-Assad. The collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 80s and the economic difficulties which faced Russia led Moscow to adopt a policy of reducing geopolitical Middle East. The Middle East is important to the global Russian interests today, and Moscow was ready once more to increase its influence in the diplomatic, economic and military sphere. Russia takes advantage of the regional context the chaos created by the Arab Spring nations and the US will abandon the region to strengthen its hold in the Middle East. Although abortion President Bashar al-Assad, President Putin adhesive support him and the ayatollah regime in Tehran. International context Russia sees the Middle East as a low-cost strengthening the weak global position. While the actions of Russia are strengthening their international pressure for her, Moscow’s actions in the Middle East are not accompanied by a fee and provide incentives, especially financial, as a weapon transactions with its allies, Syria and Iran.

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Middle East can now identify five challenges on several fronts: the implications of the nuclear agreement signed between the powers and Iran, the uncertain political future of Iraq, the Arab-led coalition struggle Saudi Arabia its branches Iranian Houthis in Yemen, the expansion of the Islamic state and the war led by the United States organization, and of course, , chaos in Syria and the possibility of the collapse of the Assad regime. Libya has supported NATO’s involvement in Russia only to be excluded then the processes in the country. However, in order to resolve these conflicts, and even some of them, on the West to act in Russia in future arrangements. Washington and the major Western capitals should formulate their policies towards Moscow vast global aspect. Set priorities for them and sometimes even sacrificing important principles in order to achieve one of the principles are equally important in another area. It is impractical to assume that the West could adopt a confrontational policy towards Russia concerning Ukraine, and at the same time push Moscow she also important outposts in the Middle East. The West Ukrainian currency to pay the Russians to the Kremlin will participate in an effort to stabilize the Middle East. Syrian President Putin will be able to cut off the lifeline military and diplomatic Assad and lead replacement in an orderly transfer of power to the opposition forces are responsible, will lead slashed to Syria for a better future. World Wars I and II West co-operation with Russia in order to defeat the evil forces of time, destroying most of the Jews of Europe and threaten world peace. The radical evil of our time – that have emerged recently in the Middle East gods and explosive weapons based on ancient and dusty tactics of beheadings and swords – require the West to work again with Russia, not against it. Such a policy also west of Jerusalem would benefit. The writer is a senior consultant international strategy, a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and Haifa University.



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