EU Leaders Are Just a Bunch of US Toadies

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“The one thing that you can definitely assume about Western politicians is that if somebody in Washington tells them to shoot themselves in the foot, they will.”

Dmitry Orlov (Peak Prosperity Interview)

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‘Tell us what to think’

Dmitry Orlov is a US-based Russia commentator whom we admire.

He was recently interviewed for a podcast by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity who is another favorite of ours.

This is the 3rd of a series of articles we are running containing excerpts.  

The first, “Here’s Why Western Media Hide the Truth About Ukraine” was a big hit, getting over 2700 views in 1 day.

The second, “Isolated? Russia’s Way More Popular Around the World than the US” was just as big.

We are not surprised, Orlov is seriously interesting and articulate. And Martenson is excellent too.

The two talked about Russia, Ukraine and the west at length and Peak Prosperity published the transcript of the entire conversation alongside the 1 hour audio.  Its long, but very good.

This time we are show-casing Orlov’s observations on the West.

The European Union:

Well, basically, the EU is just to rubber stamp for Washington.

All of their politicians kind of like get a nice golden parachute when they retire, from Washington. And that’s why they toe Washington’s line.

They’re not really independent thinkers at all.

And the periphery states, like Hungary or even Serbia, they know pretty well that they’re going to be dealing with an Orange Revolution of their own if they don’t do what Washington’s ambassador tells them to do.

Right now, they’re having a lot of trouble in Serbia because Russia and Serbia are kind of like the same country in a lot of ways.


The Serbians would never do anything to offend Russia, and yet they’re being asked to impose sanctions on Russia even though Serbia is not even part of the EU yet.

So, things like that are a bit troubling around the periphery but the core of Europe is really solidly just basically a rubber-stamp body for Washington.

Western Europe:

I think that there’s kind of a disconnect in Western Europe.

The one thing that you can definitely assume about Western politicians is that if somebody in Washington tells them to shoot themselves in the foot, they will.

Other than that, it’s very hard to discern any sort of rational thought going on there, except to keep the game going, keep the financial markets churning for as long as possible.

But, there’s no level of strategic thinking because if you think along those lines, then it becomes really obvious that all of Western Europe has to partner with Russia in terms of energy—that there’s no other solution.

Are they doing that? No, I don’t think so.

The United States:

Now, in terms of the way Washington thinks and acts, they are indisposed to having people to say “no” to them.

So, people in Washington, they come up with a policy and they think that everybody in the world should follow it and if somebody says “well, no, that doesn’t make any sense,” then they figure out what they have to do to make those people follow their policy.

Do they have to bomb them? Do they have to impose sanctions on them?

So the idea is that they imposed sanctions on Russia, and now Russia will change their tune and actually do what Washington wants.

And there is no understanding in Washington that the effect is the exact opposite.

If you impose sanctions on Russia, that makes Russia think that you’re no longer their friend, and behave accordingly.

So, all they’re actually getting is an escalation of a crisis they could never control.



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